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When it comes to the world of animals, documentaries have the the power to help us see the world from a different lens and learn about the unique challenges our animal friends face. Here are 10 inspiring documentaries that’ll motivate you to protect all beings — from pollinators to pangolins. Because when we have more knowledge, we’re better equipped to use our empathy and understanding for good.

10 inspiring documentaries that’ll motivate you to protect all animals

1. Blackfish

We’ll kick this list off with one of the most well-known animal documentaries: “Blackfish.” This 2013 documentary follows the story of Tilikum, a captive orca, who was torn away from his family and home. Through shocking footage and heartbreaking interviews, “Blackfish” takes you on a journey that’ll make you look at SeaWorld from a new, educated perspective.

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2. The World’s Most Wanted Animal

If you have no idea what a pangolin is, this documentary will open your eyes to the gentle creatures and the woman who is on a mission to save them.

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3. Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral” chronicles the massive threats to the ocean by documenting the process of coral bleaching, and showing why corals are essential to life underwater + on land.

4. The Cove

The horrifying practice of capturing and killing dolphins in Japan is exposed in this Academy-Award winning documentary. A mixture of investigative-journalism, eco-adventure, and gripping videography — “The Cove” will disturb and inspire you.

5. Cowspiracy

The dark-side of animal agriculture is revealed in this heart-wrenching documentary. With resemblances to “Blackfish” and “The Cove,”  Cowspiracy is another eye-opening critique of animal exploitation we can all applaud.

6. More Than Honey

In “More Than Honey,” beekeepers and scientists discuss the world’s declining bee population, plus what it could mean for the world. The images are also so vivid and stunning — you’ll feel as if you’re buzzing in a hive.

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7. Racing Extinction

“Racing Extinction” highlights the role humans play in the potential loss of at least half the world’s species. While the insight from this documentary is frightening, it also retains a sense of hope for the future.

8. The Ivory Game

“The Ivory Game” shows 16 months of footage that exposes the corruption at the core of the global ivory trafficking crisis.

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9. Called to Rescue

Looking for something on the uplifting side?  This inspiring documentary follows the lives of rescued farm animals, along with the humans dedicating their lives to giving them love.

And one thing’s for sure, after watching this film you’ll also feel moved to make the world a better place for animals.

10. Dynasties

Last but not least, this BBC documentary series highlights five of the world’s most endangered animals including emperor penguins, chimpanzees, and lions. The captivating images + David Attenborough’s voice = must-watch storytelling.

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