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Nothing melts our hearts like rabbits do. How can anyone resist those floppy ears and chubby cheeks? Of course, rabbits aren’t just adorable – they’re super-cool creatures, too!

While rabbits are a common animal in many parts of the globe, most people aren’t aware of just how interesting and complex bunnies are. Keep reading to discover our favorite facts about these furry friends, and what you can do to help them thrive!

Rabbits take the “happy dance” to a whole new level

How can you tell when a rabbit is overjoyed? They do the “binky”. Never heard of it? Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this:

They deserve their own HGTV show

Rabbits dig tunnels (a.k.a. warrens) underground where they make their homes. These warrens are super complex and strangely human-like – they have “rooms” that serve specific functions, multiple entrances, and they can be big. Like tennis court big.

rabbits facts

Having fun is always a top priority

Rabbits have no time for boredom. They need stimulation in order to avoid behavioural and health issues like destructiveness and depression. Of course, this poses a much bigger challenge for rabbits in captivity – they require a fun environment, companionship, and lots of toys in order to live their best lives.

rabbits advocate

How can you be a better advocate for rabbits?

Supporting rabbit welfare should be at the top of everyone’s priority list – after all, this world needs more binkies!

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