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Easter is all about new beginnings; it represents the excitement and joy of spring! However, for plant-based people, this holiday can also represent a moral dilemma: how can you enjoy the holiday without causing harm to animals?

Great news: You can maintain a plant-based lifestyle and still enjoy all that Easter has to offer. You just have to make a few small adjustments.

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, our plant-based tips below will help you kick off the spring season!

Dye cruelty-free eggs

Let’s face it: you can’t dye chicken eggs without supporting the inhumane egg industry. Good thing you’ve got other options! Try painting wooden eggs or dyeing ceramic eggs instead.

And don’t forget to mix up your own plant-based dye or pick up a pack of natural dyes. Regular food coloring is often insect-based!

Plan your plant-based Easter feast

Speaking of eggs, why not kick off your plant-based Easter meal with vegan deviled “eggs”? They’re the perfect starter for any springtime feast.

Vitamin-packed asparagus is in season throughout the spring.

And this vegan cashew cheese and asparagus tart looks like the perfect main to us!

When it comes to dessert, it might be hard to pick just one! A plant-based carrot cake is always a winner in our books. Or maybe the raw carrot cake donuts from the Wholesome Culture Cookbook.

If you want to go a more traditional route, be sure to whip up a batch of vegan hot cross buns.

Enjoy delicious vegan Easter treats!

Cadbury Creme Eggs – you either love them or hate them. If you belong to the former category, a new vegan version of the creme egg recently hit the market! There are also plenty of ways to make your own, if you’re feeling creative.

Making your own Peeps is another fun way to celebrate the season! Just because you’re plant-based does not mean you have to miss out on this “traditional” Easter treat.

And no Easter would be complete without a chocolate bunny! Luckily, No Whey Foods has a ton of tasty, adorable chocolates – perfect for your Easter egg hunt!

Support the ethical treatment of bunnies

Bunny rabbits go hand-in-hand with Easter, but that doesn’t mean you should buy one! If you’re really serious about getting a new, adorable pet, be sure to adopt – you’ll save lives by doing so.

By following these tips, you’re basically guaranteed the most fun, delicious and eco-friendly Easter of all time!


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