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2019 is almost here! Want to celebrate in style but stick to your values?

Here are our 5 eco-friendly ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

1. Send E-Invites.

pug using laptop

Having a formal dinner party or a fun 2019 event planned?

Skip the paper invites and go digital. No detail is too small when it comes to the environment!

2. Have a potluck!

plate of grapes and other snacks

Instead of opting for catering, why not ask your guests to each bring a dish?

It’ll save you time and effort, plus you can skip the plastic utensils and paper plates!

Need recipes ideas?

The new Wholesome Culture Cookbook is full of exciting dishes perfect for hosting a dinner party. You can also check out These 4 recipes will make you the ultimate vegan host.

3. Go outside.

ice-skating rink with hockey players

Start the year right by being active and celebrating outside in the fresh air.

Ice skating, skiing, or simply taking a walk are great activities to do in the wintertime.

4. Use eco-friendly party favors.

artisanal soap

Whether you’re hosting a party or are invited to one, having eco-friendly gifts for guests is a must.

If you’re an adept baker, why not offer holiday-themed cookies in a cute eco-friendly container?

You can also check out our 15 affordable and eco-friendly stocking stuffers you will love for more ideas!

5. Try a vegan restaurant.

Don’t feel like staying home for New Year’s?

Give a new vegan restaurant a try!

As you know, a vegan diet has a lower impact on the environment and is also good for your health.

Check out the app HappyCow to find a restaurant near you!

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