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We made it to 2021!  (Insert: big sigh of relief and gratitude.) If you’re anything like us, January is full of resolutions to do more of this and do less of that. And while we love big goals — we know it can be hard to stick to them. In fact, a study conducted by University of Scranton found that 23 percent of people quit pursuing their resolution two weeks into the new year. And 19 percent of resolution-setters actually stick to their goals throughout the whole year. We’re striving to be part of that 19 percent for our 2021 resolutions! 

Whether you’re already super motivated to crush your goals or want some tools to help you stay enthused come February (we’re right there with you) — here are some tips to help you make those 2021 resolutions stick. From simple apps to good-old -fashioned pen and paper planners, there are so many ways to stay motivated in our perfectly imperfect journeys. And if you need some inspiration for 2021 resolutions: check out this post.

8 tools to help you stay motivated with your 2021 resolutions

1. Make a vision board

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Might have been a little late to the party but how could I let the year start without making my vision board? . made this one some days ago in my @quikrite journal and honestly it feels such a personal thing to share it with you all. 🌿 . in summation, a vision board is when you fill up an empty canvas with quotes, pictures and words, (or anything that you would like), to convey the vision that you would have for that year, month or even in general for your life. . I want this year to be filled with reading books and growing so many plants, and going on adventures, making and drinking coffee, and exercising and eating healthy and so much writing (!!!!), endlessly creating, while taking care of myself and people that I love. 💯 . I know that this year won’t turn out to be exactly how I wish it to but at least now I know what my perfect 2020 could look like, and I can’t wait to make the year as close to it as possible.🌻 . Have you guys ever made/have a vision board?✨ . #artjournal #visionboard #visionboard2020 #artjournaling #journals #artjournal2020 #resolutions #newyearsresolutions #newyears #newyear2020 #2020 #2020visionboard #bulletdaily

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A vision board is essentially a collection of pictures, quotes, and objects (usually small) to help you display your dreams in a tangible way. Think of it as less of a collage and more of a portrait of your intentions. 

Whether you’re longing to travel, achieve professional goals, get to know yourself, or be more present — a vision board can be whatever you want it to be. That’s the point!

And you don’t have to be super crafty to reap the benefits — just grab a corkboard, scissors, and magazines, and let the manifesting begin! 

2. Rocketbook Notebook

We all likely have lots of goals floating around in our minds, but studies show that people who write down their goals are more successful in reaching them.

If you’re in the market for a new journal, we love this reusable, digital(ish) notebook that feels like an authentic pen and paper experience, but is an eco-friendly and practical way to store notes, write plans, mark progress, and doodle away — all without creating waste. So, let those ideas flow from your mind to paper (well, sort of paper). 

Shop the Rocketbook Notebooks: here.

3. Passion Planner

For our OG planner fans, the Passion Planner has a special place in our hearts. It’s an amazing tool that works for setting appointments, writing dreams (we love the passion roadmaps), setting goals, and reflecting on everyday moments that often get overlooked in our busy lives.  

And the best part is, with every purchase, they donate a planner to someone in need. Oh, and the designs are super cute! 

 4. Forest  App

The Forest app is ideal for times when you need to focus and be phone-free for a few minutes (or hours). 

Here’s how it works: You specify how long you need/want to focus and the countdown timer will mute notifications until your time is up. The longer you stay on track, the bigger your tree grows, but if you ditch the app to check Instagram or take a selfie — your plant will stop growing and wilt. No good. 

Plus, the app plants REAL trees through the nonprofit organization Trees for the Future. They’ve planted more than 600,000 trees, so far. 

5. Asana

You’ve probably already heard of Asana because it’s one of the more efficient tools available when it comes to project management. It’s great for bigger teams (we use it here at Wholesome Culture!), but it’s also incredibly helpful when working on solo projects. We especially love pressing the “mark complete” button– very satisfying! 

And for the yogis out there, something about looking at Asana multiple times a day gives us extra motivation to get our yoga mats out (if you know, you know). 

6. Meditation apps 

Meditation does all sorts of amazing things like help you stress less, feel more optimistic, and sleep more peacefully. And studies show that meditation can also help you be more in touch with yourself  and increase your overall productivity. 

Thankfully, accessible apps make meditation less intimidating than the thought of sitting in a dark room alone for minutes that feel like hours. We’re partial to the Australian-based nonprofit Smiling Mind, which is full of 10-minute meditation sessions and daily mindfulness tips. Two other favorites are Headspace and Calm.

And hey, Oprah meditates. So does Arianna Huffington (just sayin). 

7. Way of Life

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New update out soon! #darkmode #notenough #wayoflife

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If you’re trying to break a habit or build new good ones, The Way of Life app is an awesome tool that helps you get to know your patterns. It won’t only help you figure out what triggers a bad habit, it also sends you reminders to keep you focused, along with a bunch of other practical features. 

8. Sticky notesResolution inspiration

This may not be the fanciest idea, but we think there is beauty in simplicity. Write goals and intentions or doodle something that makes you feel inspired on a sticky note– and put it somewhere you see every day. Perhaps it’s on your bathroom mirror and you look at it while you’re brushing your teeth. Or you put it on your nightstand, so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up. 

It’s inexpensive and easy — so easy, you can do it in 30 seconds! Just be sure to make your intention-setting as eco-friendly as possible by getting recycled paper sticky notes. 


Whatever tools help you feel most connected to your resolutions and intentions are the best ones for you. And remember to be kind to yourself throughout the journey.

Fun fact: a study showed that people who were successful in maintaining their resolutions had slip ups at least 14 times. So next time you say “oops” when you do that thing you were trying not to do —  just keep moving forward.

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