31 ways to make 2020 the most eco-friendly year ever
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Hello, 2020! This year we’re full of motivation to be extra gentle on the planet — in both small ways and big ways. 

No matter where we all are in our eco-conscious journeys, making moves to live greener is always a step forward

Here are 31 things on our eco-friendly bucket list for 2020!Eco friendly tree house

  1. Stay in an eco-friendly treehouse hotel or tiny house rental
  2. Check out more second-hand stores
  3. Master the meal prep game
  4. Never, ever, use a plastic straw (bamboo only!)Eco friendly bamboo straw from Wholesome Culture
  5. Rewear favorite outfits more 
  6. Be a better plant parent
  7. Enjoy a staycation (no plane travel needed)! Staycation eco friendly
  8. Say “no, thank you” to things we don’t need (flyers, printed receipts, etc.)
  9. Use shampoo bars instead of bottles
  10. Make a DIY soy vegan candle
  11.  Host a plant-based dinner party
  12. Pick naked produce only (not the veggies/fruit wrapped in plastic)
  13. Remember to bring our reusable mug & bamboo utensils Eco friendly reusable coffee mug from Wholesome Culture
  14. Find a favorite plant milk
  15. Walk whenever possible
  16. Swap to all LED lights
  17. Compost! 
  18. Hike more –and stay on the trail!
  19. Switch to loose leaf tea over packaged teaEco friendly tea
  20. Start an eco-friendly hobby
  21. Carpool more 
  22. Take shorter showers 
  23. Unplug appliances when they aren’t in use
  24. Donate to an important cause that speaks to your heart
  25. Read more books about eco-conscious living Eco friendly books
  26. Explore the local food scene (farmers markets, neighborhood restaurants, local grocery stores)
  27. Pick up a piece of litter and toss it, at least once a week
  28. Go camping (and always leave no trace) Eco friendly camping
  29. Try a new vegetable — fiddleheads, anyone?!
  30. Plant a tree!
  31. Discover a new favorite homemade baking recipe (check our chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie recipe!)Vegan Chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies recipe from the Wholesome Culture Cookbook

Learn more fun and simple ways to be more mindful all year long, here:

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