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Finding sustainable bras and underwear can be daunting. Between researching the materials and finding styles that are comfortable (and cute) — our intimates are easily overlooked when it comes to investing in a sustainable wardrobe. However, if you’re like us, there is something incredibly special about wearing undergarments that reflect our values and make us feel amazing, inside and out. That’s why we created a collection with bamboo underwear and bras that are made with love for you, your body, and Mother Earth.

We truly put our hearts into every part of the process from the gathering of materials to the making of the designs. And we hope you love it as much as we do! Shop the sustainable bras and underwear collection now. 

Our Sustainable Intimates – 5 reasons to love them

1. Designs made to inspire self-confidence and self-compassion 

Above all, our goal is to make sustainable underwear and bras that you love for how they’re made — and for how they make you feel.

Sustainable Underwear and Bras
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We know that so many industries (often inadvertently) make us feel like we’re not good enough. At Wholesome Culture, we truly hope we’ve never ever made you feel that way. Our mission is to help you in your journey to spread kindness to others and yourself. And that starts with a love of our own bodies.

With designs like “you are enough” and materials that are breathable and comfortable, we hope these designs remind you that  you are enough, exactly as you are. Our hope is that every time you put on your undies and bras they help you radiate the confidence and compassion within you. 

2. Bras and underwear made with sustainable bamboo

Why is bamboo sustainable? For starters, bamboo is extremely soft while also absorbing and wicking away moisture. And since comfort is essential in undergarments (and everything we put on our bodies), we ensure the material is durable without making you feel weighed down. It’s also naturally hypo-allergenic and antibacterial, which is especially beneficial for anyone with allergies.

Sustainable Intimates
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From an environmental perspective, bamboo is a gentle and sustainable material for multiple reasons:

  1. It’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world and it self-generates from its own roots with no need to be replanted.
  2. Bamboo is naturally pest-resistant, so it doesn’t require the use of pesticides or other chemicals to thrive
  3. It’s biodegradable and also releases oxygen into the air, which is good for all beings. Some estimates show bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than other plants — even trees.

3. Each piece is ethically-made in Bali

We collaborate with artisans in Bali to make our comfy and cute bamboo underwear and bras. Meaning, every piece is made ethically to support local communities and provide job opportunities.

Our founder, Audrey, also lived in Bali for most of 2020 and sought to embody the slow living and grateful spirit of the Balinese in the final product. This inspired the selection of fabrics, the designs, and the journey from start to finish.

4. We use plant-based dyes

We know buying new underwear and bras is an investment, so we prioritize durability as much as comfort. 

Bamboo Underwear
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Rather than using plastic dyes, we’re proud to use plant-based dyes. Our ink is free of chemicals such as PVC and phthalates, and it soaks into our fabrics. This makes our designs move and stretch without cracking or fading with wear. Learn more about how our clothes are made, here.

5. All pieces come with an eco-lingerie bag

Sustainable Lingerie Bag
Eco-Lingerie Bag

As an extra little something, each piece also comes with an eco-lingerie bag, so you can wash your garments safely and sustainably. 

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