The real benefits of self-love (and how to channel more of it!)
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Chances are — we’re all our own biggest critics. 

But if you’re anything like us, the criticism we give to ourselves is often a whole lot less compassionate than anything we would ever say to anyone else. 

Steering our thoughts to a place of self-love is a constant journey. And while it’s difficult to be kind to ourselves, particularly in down moments, it’s worth the effort (even science says so!). 

Here’s are the real benefits of self-love (and how to get more of it!)

Research shows that while self-acceptance is a habit many practice the least, it may lead to an overall greater satisfaction with life. In this sense, at the root of a fulfilling and happy life is a firm appreciation of one’s self. 

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Another study suggests that being kind to ourselves can lead to better health behaviors. So rather than putting ourselves down or trying to motivate ourselves with critical self-talk, by staying in a positive place we’ll be doing ourselves a big favor. 

On the other hand, negative-self talk is linked to depression, relationship challenges, and limited thinking (aka telling yourself you can’t do something). Yikes. 

But even without the scientific studies, we probably all know that picking at our imperfections isn’t good for anyone. And we could all benefit from saying nice things to ourselves more than we do! 

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Simple ways to practice self-love 

Even though it’s clear self-love is extremely important, there’s no need to try and do a massive life-changing overhaul at once. There are lots of simple ways to practice positive self-talk and appreciation in our everyday routines. Small steps, every day = big change, over time. 


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Here are some simple ways to practice self-love every day:

  • Try to catch yourself being self-critical. Then, swap those thoughts with positive ones.
  • Journal. Make a gratitude list. Reflect on the highlights of your days.
  • Think about how your friends would describe you and your strengths. 
  • Celebrate small victories like going to yoga twice a week or spending 30 minutes less time on your phone than normal.
  • Prepare your favorite yummy, healthy recipe that makes you feel good.
  • Find a regular physical activity that puts you in a great mood. Don’t run if you hate running — find something you like! 
  • Wear something in your closet that makes you feel awesome… even if it’s just to the market.
  • Be gentle on your heart. Remember, it’s okay to mess up, we all do!
  • In moments of struggle, be your own best friend. Treat yourself like you would treat someone you really care about!
  • Surround yourself with good vibes + good humans who lift you up. 

We think Lucille Ball said it best, “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.” 

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