All the most earth-friendly dates to celebrate Valentine’s Day
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It doesn’t matter if you’re putting “the sing in single” (love you Lizzo) or in a LTR — fun dates are for everyone! 

Here are some eco-friendly date ideas for a Valentine’s day celebration… or a random Wednesday in October. Go solo, with family, or maybe even surprise your next Bumble date with something besides “drinks.” Psst, if you do… seriously tell us how it goes! 

13  earth-friendly dates to celebrate Valentine’s Day 

1. Host a plant-based dinner party 

plant-based dinner party

Spread the plant-based love all around by sharing some yummy vegan foodie creations. P.S. Dinner parties for one totally count. 🙂 

Here are some posts to give you some cooking inspiration: 

2. Sign up for a charity run/walk

Do a run/walk for a cause you care about! It’s a great way to break a sweat, get outside, and connect to a greater purpose

3. Check out your local bookstore 

Bookstores are just bursting with romantic vibes. Maybe it’s the smell of book pages, or the cursive fonts on covers, or the sound of pages flipping… who knows, we are here for it. 

Eco-friendly bookstore date

So, if you’re lucky enough to have a local bookstore in your hood, show it some love and go on a bookstore date. Want to be extra eco-friendly? Visit a used bookstore! 

Looking for some reading inspiration? Here are some must-reads:

4. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter

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Give your time to a local homeless shelter or check out for other meaningful ways to give back that speak most to you. 

5. Go for a walk and plant a tree 

This is a classic eco-friendly activity for good reason. Trees are simply amazing for the planet!

And if you’re looking for something else to do post planting– keep walking or use public transportation (if possible) and visit a local restaurant or cafe. Sounds like a solid outing to us! 

6. Do a beach clean or street clean

We can’t be outside for more than 30 seconds without spotting a piece of litter that needs to be picked up. So, soak up the outdoors while doing some good by picking up some trash! 

7. Break a sweat with a bike ride

eco friendly couple

Going on a bike ride is a fun, eco-conscious way to get around and experience your surroundings from a different view. Just bring  a hair tie or hat if you want to be prepared for helmet hair. 

8. Have a zero-waste picnic

Eco friendly picnic

Come on, doesn’t a picnic sound lovely? So grab your bamboo utensils, reusable bags, and vegan food wraps! And pack some yummy sandwiches and snacks. Just don’t forget to leave your picnic spot just as you found it (or better!). 

9. Hit up a local farmers market 

Farmers Market

Between the colors of fresh produce and the high vibes of farmers markets, we think this is one of the most under-rated date activities. 

10. Stargaze

star gazing is a great eco-friendly date idea

Snacks, blanket, and something warm to sip on–  that’s all you need for a lovely night of stargazing! 

But yeah, this is one of those dates we wouldn’t recommend for a night with someone you don’t know that well or a night alone… especially if you’re in a quiet, secluded spot. (We’ve seen enough Dateline!)

11. Go on a hike or outdoor adventure

Eco friendly hike

Hiking is an amazing way to unplug and take a moment to thank the trees for giving us the air we breathe. But, this is another date we aren’t suggesting is ideal for a first date or even a solo-outing (depending upon where you’re hiking). 

Just also make sure to leave nature better than you found it.

12. Volunteer at an animal shelter

We know it’s not always easy to just volunteer for a day, so you can also visit a nearby animal sanctuary, walk your own furry friend (or help out a pet parent who could use a night off!). 

Eco-friendly date

And if you bring a date and you’re not feeling the vibes, you at least have an animal friend to brighten up the mood. 

13. Contribute to a community garden

Get your hands a little dirty and take time to connect to Mother Earth. It’s also one of those activities that you can easily chat while doing — perfect for a first, third or 800th date.

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