Easy ways to make the world more peaceful on International Day of Peace
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While Peace Day should be every day, the official International Day of Peace is observed globally on September 21 of each year. The United Nations established it in 1981 in hopes that everyone will commit and contribute to peace, regardless of their differences, on this day. 

This year’s theme is climate action for peace, and luckily for readers, you don’t need to be part of the United Nations to help make the world a more peaceful place! 

How does combating climate change protect and promote peace around the world? Keep reading to find out!

Take shorter showers

It’s always a good idea to save water but especially so when it can cause conflict for those who don’t have access to any. According to the Inter Press Service, drought has caused conflict in the Lake Chad Basin, which normally provides millions of people in four countries with water. Instability spread throughout Syria between 2006-2011 when an extreme drought caused 75 percent of farms to fail and 85 percent of livestock to die. 

Reduce your water consumption not only by taking shorter showers and turning the water off while you lather, but also be sure to cut down on how often you do laundry, only flush the toilet when necessary, and turn off the water when brushing your teeth! 

Take shorter showers

Eat less (or no) meat

It’s no secret that the natural disasters happening around the world are happening more frequently. One of the most devastating of them all is the fire in the Amazon rainforest. 

Fires in the Amazon are rarely caused naturally, which means it was likely caused by deforestation by farmers – and Brazil just happens to be the largest exporter of beef. Cut out beef and all meat to ensure a devastating disaster like these fires don’t happen again! 

Check out this article to discover 8 real ways you can help save the Amazon right now! 

Eat less (or no) meat

Be more environmentally-friendly

The more you reduce, reuse, and recycle, the less you are contributing to the huge environmental problem that our people and planet face. While we are all directly affected by the state of Mother Earth, those living in poverty with little or no infrastructure to deal with natural disasters are particularly impacted. 

Here are a few other ways to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly:


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