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Plastic is everywhere! Wherever you’re reading this, it’s likely there is at least one plastic thing within arm’s length (straws, water bottles, bowls, food containers, packaging, pens, chairs, hair clips, even the keys of your laptop – the list goes on and on).

Breaking up with plastic can be super intimidating given how much of it is in our lives. And while saying no to plastic straws is a great start, the real magic happens once we notice the way we rely on plastic and begin to think of alternatives.

So rather than get overwhelmed or try to eliminate it all at once, here’s a list of some easy ways to reduce the amount of plastic in your life (one day at a time).

How to use less plastic in your daily life

1. Remember reusable bags

Wholesome Culture make earth day every day reusable tote bag

We all have them stuffed in our cupboards or piled in the trunks of our cars. The hard part is remembering those reusable totes. Instead of collecting 50 of them, find a few that make you happy and you’ll be more likely to remember them (and not feel shame in the checkout line).

In the market for a new reusable tote? Check out our super cute and planet-friendly tote bag collection.

2. Carry a reusable water bottle

Wholesome Culture reusable glass water bottle

Save money and plastic by bringing a reusable glass or stainless steel water bottle when you’re out and about. Simply refill your bottle with H20 and move on with your day waste-free!

Don’t have a reusable water bottle yet? Check out our super cute “Less plastic, more love” glass water bottles. 

3. Sip sustainably

Wholesome Culture reusable bamboo straw set

Bamboo straws, like our Be The Change bamboo straw, are perfect replacements for single-use plastic ones. Plus, they’re cute and more durable than paper straws.

4. BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug)

Wholesome Culture biodegradable reusable coffee mug

Love coffee shops, but not the waste? Same. By bringing your own cup like our Live Gently Upon This Earth mug, you can enjoy your caffeine kick with none of the guilt.

5. Invest in eco-friendly food storage

Glass containers and reusable food wraps are simple ways to keep food fresh and be good to the Earth.

6. Scrub with bamboo toothbrushes

Seeing as we’re supposed to toss our toothbrushes every 3-ish months — that’s a lot of plastic waste. Eco-friendly toothbrushes like Brush with Bamboo not only reduce the amount of plastic waste, but also reduce the amount of plastic getting put in our mouths multiple times a day.

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7. Write mindfully

Plastic pens have a way of showing up. They’re everywhere from hotel rooms to office counters to restaurant bill holders. But next time you’re in need of a supply restock, there are plenty of eco-friendly pens that make writing a happier experience for you and the planet.

8. Say no to single-use disposables as much as possible

Disposable razors, utensils, plates, and cups are convenient. There’s no way around it. But with a little extra mindfulness, you can cut out so much waste by investing in reusable products.

9. Shop fresh instead of packaged

Instead of grabbing a packaged bag of chopped broccoli, grab a head of the green veggie and cut it at home. Skipping out on the plastic wrapped food is better for the landfill and keeps your body away from whatever chemicals are used to make the packaging.

And when you purchase fresh fruits and veggies, skip the plastic produce bags and use reusable ones instead.

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Food haul. Minimal waste. For best results: shop local. #ecobags⁣ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #repost @sjlately : today’s haul 🍏🍌🥑🌶🥒🍈 salads, smoothies, fruit bowls and more on the menu this week. i always try to shop as close to zero waste as i can but it’s never perfect. something we should embrace is the progress, working towards less waste in the ways that we can, rather than trying to do zero waste perfectly and feeling like we failed. for instance: not pictured here are my blueberries, that came in a plastic container 😫 I will reuse the container as i can to avoid throwing it away. how do you adapt your shopping on your journey to zero waste? #progressnotperfection #journeytozerowaste ⁣ #zerowaste #bringyourown #goreusable #maketheswitch #green #zerowastehome #recycle #sustainablefuture #netbag #thelowimpactmovement

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