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There are tons of great dads in the animal kingdom, and we think they definitely deserve some credit. These proud papas are all about dedication – and they’re pretty adorable, too.

Keep reading to discover some of our favorite fathers of the animal world!

animal dads seahorse

Seahorse dads give the gift of life

Male seahorses are among the most famous fathers in the animal kingdom, and for good reason – they actually become pregnant and give birth! They also stick around after their offspring is born and will mate for life with their partners. If any animal deserves the “Father of the Year” award, it’s these guys.

animal dads emperor penguins

Emperor penguins put their dad bods to good use

It’s hard to top emperor penguins in terms of dedication. After their female partners lay eggs, father penguins carefully keep their eggs warm under their bellies while the mothers goes off on a two-month feed. That’s right, they’re stuck warming their eggs for two entire months – no moving, no eating. Oh, and did we mention this all takes place in Antarctica, the coldest place on earth?

animal dads gorillas

Gorillas are the ultimate protectors

Did you know gorillas eat up to 50 pounds of food per day? Gorilla dads are responsible for finding that food for up to 30 members of their clan! When they’re not foraging for food, they also have to protect their young from rival males. Plus, gorilla dads do all this while being respectful to their female partners. Honestly, they’re total #dadgoals.

animal dads red fox

Red foxes teach the best life lessons

Red fox fathers are known for their commitment to training their pups – after all, knowledge is power. These dads bury food near their dens, giving their pups a crash-course on how to locate that food and watch out for predators. We love a dad who sets up his kids for success!

animal dads golden lion tamarin

Golden lion tamarins support their whole family

These adorable monkeys give their young 24/7 piggyback rides for six or seven weeks after they’re born! Why? Papa tamarins want to give their partners a chance to recuperate after giving birth. The fact that these drawn-out piggyback rides make for excellent photos is just an added bonus!


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