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Here at Wholesome Culture, we believe all animals deserve to be loved and cared for – and pigs are no exception.

Sadly, they aren’t treated too kindly, with over 1 billion pigs killed each year worldwide and sold as meat products.

Since 2019 is the Year of Pig, let’s put a spotlight on these intelligent creatures, and look at the compelling reasons why pigs are friends, not food!

Here are 7 fascinating facts that’ll probably make you want to adopt a pig right away (we know we want to!).

  1.       Pigs are incredibly intelligent (and can even outsmart dogs!)

Various studies have shown that pigs are “cognitively complex” and able to solve challenging problems.

In fact, according to some experts, they are one of the smartest animals on Earth (and are even more intelligent than dogs)!

  1.       Pigs are highly emotional

Scientists have found that pigs can feel complex emotions – and can feel optimistic or pessimistic according to how they are being treated. The phenomenon is called a “negativity bias” – which you may have heard about in reference to humans because we experience it too.

  1.       Pigs are incredibly social, and form friendships easily

Pigs are incredibly friendly animals and are capable of complex social interactions. They quickly form bonds with other pigs, as well as other species – including humans!

They are affectionate, curious, and easy to train – meaning they can become wonderful companions.

  1.       In a natural environment, pigs are very clean

Despite their reputation as filthy animals, pigs are very clean!

When they roll in mud, they do that to keep cool (smart, isn’t it!) because they don’t have sweat glands and could overheat otherwise.

  1.       Pigs are great communicators

Pigs enjoy chatting with their friends – and are constantly communicating with each other. Yup, the grunts, oinks, and squeals are not random – each has a distinct meaning.

  1.       Pigs crave affection – and love cuddles!

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"It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal" – featuring @justin.thomas624 + a little over a week old baby Batman from Rancho Relaxo. Justin + his beautiful wife @thenamewasmills volunteer at Rancho Relaxo, but also have their own little rescue family. Their most recent rescue were two baby goats who who would have been sacrificed with countless others today during a religious ceremony. Justin + Caitlin are vegan for many reasons including that they recognize the immense + unnecessary suffering of innocent animals every second around the world. Spending time with them is always a joy because they are such genuine, wonderful + selfless people. Grateful to know them thanks to one of my favorite humans @boochaces. 💛

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If you ever visit farm a farm animal sanctuary (like Rancho Relaxo or Woodstock Sanctuary!), you’ll see that pigs are kind, gentle, and love being cuddled.

  1.       Pigs love to play

Pigs are so playful! Don’t believe us? Watch the video of Tabitha, an incredibly cute young pig play with a boxer named Susie:

So, there you have it: pigs are incredibly adorable, intelligent, and emotional animals – and deserve to be loved (rather than eaten!).

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