7 podcasts that’ll help you live more sustainably right now
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How do you make the most of your commute? Do you bring a yummy to-go coffee drink or listen to your fave 90s playlist? Or do you use the time to catch up with friends living in faraway places?

For us, we’re all about that podcast life! And we have a special love for podcasts that give us sustainability, eco-friendly inspiration.

Whether you’re looking for zero-waste tricks or ethical shopping tips, here are seven of our favorite sustainable-minded podcasts that make even traffic jams and subway delays not so bad… and even enjoyable!

7 podcasts that’ll make you want start living more sustainably right now

1. Sustainababble: If you want to laugh while you learn!

Sustainababble podcasts

Listening to Sustainababble makes even the most congested Wednesday morning commute a little less draining. The hosts are so funny (we casually want to be their best friends) and use their humor to tell environmental stories with a comic spin. Somehow they make us feel a little less alone with everything going on in the world. And for that, we’re grateful!

2. The Slow Home Podcast: If you have trouble saying “no” and slowing down.


Sustainable podcast

Just the voice of Brooke McAlary, the host, brings us a sense of serenity. The Slow Home podcast puts an emphasis on slowing down, simplifying life, and saying no — rather than constantly trying to live in the “fast lane.” If this sounds overly idealistic, it’s not! The podcast is very specific and practical, covering a wide range of insightful topics like “Can slow living make us lonely?” and “Can you live slow in your 20s?” 

And if you love the podcast and want to live more sustainably (for us and the planet), check out some of McAlary’s books

3. Hippie Haven Podcast: If you want to live more harmoniously with the planet.

Sustainable podcasts

Whether you want to learn “morning habits for success” or composting tips, the Hippie Haven Podcast covers a wide range of topics around the theme of living harmoniously with Mother Earth. And the host, Callee, has a super inspiring backstory going from selling vegan soaps on Etsy to launching a zero waste lifestyle store in Rapid City, South Dakota. Check out @HippieHavenShop for a glimpse at all the cute, sustainable-minded products. 

4. The Minimalists: If you want to live more fully with less. 

Sustainable podcasts

The heart of the podcast is minimalism, which we’re big believers in at Wholesome Culture, but the best part of The Minimalists is the judgmental-free, open-minded space they’ve created. They tackle all sorts of issues like managing screen time, embracing more positive thinking, and dealing with insecurities. And no matter what they’re talking about, they always exude a sense of inclusion and “we’re all in this together” vibes. 

Plus, we love the “lighting round” portion of the podcast, in which they answer viewer questions with super simple answers. 

5. Conscious Chatter: If you want to be a more mindful shopper. 

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Hi! Kestrel here, the host + producer of the Conscious Chatter podcast. Just wanted to drop a note to let you know I’ve now launched a subscriber shop — what does this mean? Well, it’s a chance to support a show you believe in, on a monthly basis. And you get an extra perk for doing so. Think NPR or Netflix, but for Conscious Chatter. I have subscription levels starting at $2 and up to $10 per month. If this is something you’re interested in … #1) YOU ROCK and #2) you can learn more at the link in my profile. Perks include Conscious Chatter reusable mugs, soy-based stickers + more. Thanks for being exceptional listeners + helping motivate me to push this conversation further. ✨

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Fashionistas, this one’s for you. Conscious Chatter is based on the idea that what we put on our bodies matters. The host, Kestrel, features all sorts of clothing organizations like ThredUp, Boyish, and Reformation, along with awesome interviews with interesting thinkers and leaders in the mindful fashion movement

6. Low Tox Life: If you want super practical eco-friendly tips for all areas of your life.

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IN THIS YEAR'S FIRST SHOW EVER…Hooray – The podcast is back for a brand new year AND decade! Thank you to all our listeners past and present and a big welcome to you if you’ve only recently stumbles, or, if this week is going to be your very first listen! Enjoy this show with Rebecca Wildbear who helps us connect more deeply to ourselves, our dreams and to nature – it’s a brilliant chat if you’ve started the year as many of us have, very heavy-hearted which can sometimes bring a ‘what’s it all for’ / ‘how can I ever be enough’ vibe. It will soothe and guide you and if you’re feeling on fire? It’ll help you go powerfully forward. Enjoy and I’m so happy to be BACK baby. I hope you enjoyed our January countdown of the Top 30 shows! xx⁠ ⁠ Who's had a listen already? Any AHAs or thoughts yet?⁠ ⁠ More deets in the show notes here: http://lowtoxlife.com/show-171-rebecca-wildbear-a-deeper-connection-to-yourself-the-earth-and-your-dreams/⁠ ⁠ Don't forget your special offer from KILLA Industries, our show sponsor this week: 15% off on all purchases and FREE SHIPPING Australia wide!⁠ SHOP HERE: bit.ly/KILLAPILLA⁠ Code: LOWTOXLIFE15

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Low Tox Life is all about embracing healthy choices for us and the planet (what’s better than that?!). Alexx Stuart, the host, discusses ways to be low-tox in all areas of our life, from food and body, to home and mind. And Stuart interviews people in such a casual, lovely way, we feel as if we’re sitting right next to her! Our favorite episodes: #162 Acne and #108 The Art of Self Love. 

7. Think: Sustainability: If you want quick and thought-provoking reporting about sustainability.

Sustainable podcasts

The Think: Sustainability shows are typically between 15 and 30 minutes, but packed with information that’ll make you feel like a mini expert after each episode. Topics range from periods and the environment (ep. #117) to food waste (ep. #9). But somehow in even a short period of time, the show is filled with insightful reporting that constantly expands our perspectives. 

Now that you’ve got your podcast lineup, check out some of our fave books:

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