How to make your self-care routine more sustainable
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Whether you’re a lover of baths or naps, self-care is absolutely essential to all of our lifestyles. And we’re true believers that the ways we show love to ourselves can also show love to the planet. ❤️🌎

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How to make your self-care routine more sustainable

Enjoy a staycation

Make breakfast in bed just because and play tourist in your own town.   With staycations. you’ll skip the price tag, stress, and carbon footprint that comes with air travel. Eco-friendly and affordable. 

Self care staycation

The best part of a solo staycation: you’re on your own schedule! That means you can do as little (or as much) as you want. 

But if you want more of a getaway experience, check into a local hotel for a night. You’ll still save $$ by staying local and get to play a little make-believe in your home town.

Kick your bath game up a notch

self care bath

Yes, baths are a classic self-care choice… but it’s for good reason. Baths reduce inflammation, they kill bacteria, and they just feel really lovely! Create your own bubbly haven with a DIY face mask, bath bomb, and epsom salts… and let the relaxation begin. 

Don’t have a bath? Step up your shower situation instead with shower bombs, exfoliator, and a vegan hair mask from Eco Love. We love the macadamia mask made with nut oils. 

Indulge in something sweet

What’s a self-care list without chocolate? There are lots of yummy vegan chocolates out there, but Hu Chocolate has a special place in our hearts. It’s not only absolutely delicious, but it’s also completely vegan and free of palm oil. Or indulge in these yummy chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies from our Wholesome Culture Cookbook

vegan chocolate chip macadamia cookie recipe from Wholesome Culture Cookbook

But if chocolate isn’t your thing or you’re more of a salty tooth, grab some crackers and vegan cheese instead. We all need to treat ourselves every once in a while without an ounce of guilt! 

Write it out

Do you ever feel like you have so much in your mind and no place to put it?! That’s what journals are for! 

One of our favorite journal prompts is: write down the things that are bringing you down and then write a gratitude list. It’s a simple yet effective way to let go of the bad and make space for the good. 

self care journaling

And you won’t be the only one that benefits! Research shows that when we’re embrace gratitude in our lives, we’re more connected to ourselves and the planet, which ultimately makes us more mindful of our actions. 

Meditate more

self care meditation

It’s no secret we’d all benefit from more meditation in our lives. Meditation reduces anxiety, improves sleep quality, and enhances empathy. And studies show that when people are more empathetic, they become more concerned about the environment. 

So pause a little more (even though it’s hard!), you’ll benefit and so will Mother Earth. 

New to meditation? Check out our meditation guide for beginners!

Embrace an eco-friendly hobby 

Find a planet-friendly activity that gets you excited! Whether you’re curious to start composting or want to unleash your inner green thumb, all it takes is a little time and inspiration to feel super connected to the planet. 

self care gardening

Need some more eco-friendly hobby ideas? Check out this post

For gardening inspiration, don’t miss:

Walk and talk

If you’re craving a long chat with mom (or whoever is your long phone call buddy), give your body some love at the same time with a walk! You’ll catch up, move your body, and get all the endorphins.

self care walkGo the extra eco-friendly mile and pick up some litter while you’re at it. Just remember to be careful while you’re walking and talking, and be aware of your surroundings! Had to say it.  

Make a yummy plant-based meal 

self care meal prep

Give yourself love by preparing a yummy plant-based meal full of good-for-you ingredients. And by skipping the meat, you’ll also be showing the planet how much you care.

And since plant-based food  is one of our favorite topics *ever* here are some of our fave recipes:

Take a nap

self care nap

Seriously, getting some extra zzzs is one of the best ways you can show yourself love. And when you turn off your lights and hit the hay, guess what — the planet benefits, too! It’s as easy as that. 

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