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It’s a sad reality that the bee population is declining. This precious species is so important to our ecosystem – plants like flowers, fruits, and veggies need pollinators like bees in order to grow!

Butterflies, another pollinator, are also in danger. While this is very scary news, there are many ways you can help these two species right in your own backyard (or even on your patio)! If you’re looking for a new spring project, keep reading.

Easy tips for a bee-friendly garden

bee and butterfly friendly plants


  • When it comes to helping bees, variety is key. Plant a variety of flowers and don’t be afraid to leave a few “messy” spots in your yard. Bees find weeds very attractive!



  • It’s good idea to provide bees with a shallow source of clean water. Just make sure to keep it filled up so they keep coming back!


  • And finally: skip the pesticides! For obvious reasons, bees don’t thrive when deadly chemicals are around.

Create your own butterfly haven


bee and butterfly friendly tips

  • Like bees, butterflies prefer a little mess. Try leaving a few piles of leaves in which they can lay their eggs.



Exercise your green thumb

Bee and butterfly friendly lifestyle

There are lots of plants that both bees and butterflies love:

  • Aster
  • Sunflowers
  • Blueberry bushes
  • Catnip
  • Lavender
  • Goldenrod
  • Sage

Also try planting flowers that are native to your area – butterflies and bees will thrive off their nutrients.

Whether you’re working away in the garden or going out with friends, we’ve got the perfect shirt for your bee- and butterfly-friendly lifestyle. Check out our super cute “Plant these, save the bees” eco tee!

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Want to do even more to help? Check out these 3 ways you can help save bees!

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