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Happy National Gardening Week! We love our plant babies and recognize this week as an opportunity to show some appreciation for all they do to enrich both our lives and the environment around us. In honor of National Gardening Week, we have 10 tips for all of you whose green thumb is still starting to bloom.

Gardening tips for beginners

1. Start your garden in a location that gets plenty of sun. 

colorful flowers in sunny spot

Whether you have a place to start a garden in your yard or are using raised flower beds, proper location is key! 


2. Have water easily accessible. 

green outdoor garden hose

Get a good hose, and make sure it’s able to reach your garden. Carrying a full, heavy watering can from the water source to your garden is an easy way to tire yourself out and forget to water your plants as much as they need!


3. Choose the right plants for the time of year. 

Some plants like a full day of sunlight. Others like more shade. Some do well only in the summer, while others can stay healthy year-round. Set yourself up for success by planting the appropriate kinds of plants for your environment and season. 


4. Use quality soil. 

woman holding sprout in soil

Don’t skimp when it comes to soil. If your soil isn’t healthy, your garden won’t be, either. You should also use mulch to reduce weeds and help your soil stay moist and protected. 


5. Fertilize. 

Whether you use compost or store-bought fertilizer, this is an important gardening tip for beginners. Fertilizing adds essential nutrients your plants can’t get from the soil alone, and it helps your plants grow stronger and faster. 


6. Get basic gardening tools. 

essential gardening tools - glove, shears, pots

You’ll want to have a couple spades and a pair of gloves to start. A garden fork and pruning shears are great to have on hand as well. National Gardening Week is the perfect time to stock up on your supplies! 

7. Don’t be afraid to prune.
Yes, pruning can be scary. But it actually makes your plants grow more productively! To properly prune, use your shears to trim the top set of leaves, right before the next set begins. Here are some great resources and tutorials on proper pruning techniques.

8. Understand when and how to properly water your garden.

watering can for outdoor garden

As a general rule of thumb, you need to water your garden more frequently in the summer and less in the fall and winter, and morning is the best time to do it. Typically, you’ll want to water more deeply, less frequently, while focusing on the roots and avoiding the leaves.

Check out this guide to proper watering while conserving water at the same time!

9. Create a bee-friendly garden.
Bees are our friends! Attract them to your garden with some bee- and butterfly-friendly plants like sunflowers, lavender, poppies, and rosemary.

Be sure to wear your favorite bee-loving Wholesome Culture clothing for National Gardening Week!

Bee Kind

10. Read up on companion planting.

example of companion planting in backyard garden

Not all plants get along with one another. With companion planting, different plants can share their resources and help their neighbors bloom and grow. Companion planting helps deter pests and weeds while improving health and soil fertility. For example, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, basil pairs great with lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes. Sunflowers are great to plant with cucumbers and pole beans.

Here are some more tips for being the best plant parent you can be!

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