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We love vegetables for so many reasons: they give us important nutrients, they add color to our plates, and they fill us up with feel-good fuel. Plus, recently we’ve discovered how easily we can regrow vegetables over… and over… and over again!

Regrowing vegetables is cheap, easy, and ultra sustainable. Seriously, what’s more local than your kitchen counter? So whether you’re working with a small corner in your kitchen or a tiny windowsill, here are the 5 easiest vegetables to regrow in your home with only water. 

How to regrow vegetables from your home: 5 easiest veggies to sprout from scraps

Regrow vegetables

1. Scallions

If you’re new to the gardening game, growing scallions is a great place to start. They’re not only easy to grow, but they also start showing growth in as quickly as one week!

All you need to do is submerge the bottoms of scallions (the white part with the cute little roots) into a cup of water. Keep the container in a sunlit spot and as you notice the water starts to decrease, change it up. That’s it!

2. Romaine Lettuce

Plop the head of the lettuce into a bowl of shallow water, then place the bowl in a sunny area. Just replace the water every few days and watch the growing right before your eyes. While you may not always get a full head of lettuce, you’ll definitely get enough leaves for a few sandwiches or a light salad.

3. Cabbage

Cabbage grows very similarly to romaine. Place the base of the cabbage in a shallow bowl with a little water near direct sunlight.  Pro tip: we recommend misting the leaves with water every once in a while for maximum growth.

4. Leeks

You know the drill: put the root ends of leeks in warm water and place the container in a sunny spot. Replace the water occasionally and admire your gardening genius!

5. Fennel

Put the base of the bulb in a shallow container with warm water (about an inch) and wait for the growing to begin –usually about a week or so.

Now that you know how easy it is to regrow vegetables, check out these veggie-packed recipes!

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