The real (good) reason you have to wait longer to get our clothes
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Our name has “Wholesome” in it because we’re working to promote good health and moral well-being every single day! And as part of our mission for sustainability, we make most items on demand to avoid unnecessary waste and stock destruction (two major issues in the fashion industry!).   

So, what’s the issue with stock destruction?

The BBC reported that stock destruction (aka trashing and burning clothes that aren’t purchased) is one of fashion’s “dirtiest secrets.” According to Vox, many companies overproduce their inventory, which creates more unsold clothes, which then leads to more carbon emissions and more landfilling.

And at Wholesome Culture, we don’t want to have anything to do with that! 

So, instead, we produce exactly the number of garments we need (tees, crews, tanks, etc.) by waiting for you to place your order before we start printing. This helps us create LESS quantity and MORE quality items that are gentler on the earth. 

Because, we know that when it comes to Mother Nature, less waste = happier planet. 

Reusable cotton tote bag from Wholesome Culture

But we don’t stop there! We embrace sustainability in both our process and products. 

Here are some of our favorite highlights: 

  • Our products are printed with water-based ink *and lots of love* in Brooklyn, New York
  • Some of our shirts are even made from recycled water bottles, like our Skip a Straw, Save a Turtle Eco Tee   
  • Most of our products are ethically-made in WRAP-certified facilities 
  • We ship all orders in biodegradable packaging 
  • 10 percent of our profits go to environmental and animal organizations!

What our environmental mission means for you 

Being Kind is Cool pink crew from Wholesome Culture

With our dedication to minimizing our environmental impact comes the reality that the journey between checkout and delivery may take longer than expected. 

While we’re aware other companies guarantee faster processing times, we want our Wholesome Culture family to know why we’re so proud to be a part of the movement for more mindful fashion. 

Seriously, we put our hearts into our products and we want you to not only look amazing, but also feel amazing knowing your purchase is thoughtfully made! If we may say so ourselves, they’re SO worth the wait 🙂 

Want to learn more about our mission?  Yay, click here!

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