What inspired our most popular holiday design EVER? An exclusive behind the scenes look
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See what inspired our popular “Merry Catmas” holiday design!

Last year, our goal was to create a fun, festive design that made you feel jolly during the holidays, while advocating for animals. And since our Wholesome fam is crazy about cats, we knew we wanted our design to celebrate our lovable feline friends.  

Given the love-hate relationship between cats and Christmas trees – who hasn’t spent hours watching cats destroying Christmas decorations on YouTube (?!) – we thought, why not combine the two into a cute-cat overload?!

Merry Catmas design from Wholesome Culture

And that’s how “Merry Catmas” was born. 

“Merry Catmas” quickly took over the internet (yay!). But, unfortunately, we saw many ‘copy cats’ around. That’s why we’re launching an even better design version this year. 

Merry Catmas 2.0 Christmas sweater from Wholesome Culture

The adorable cats still have different personalities and we added cute Christmas elements like wintry scarves and sparkly ornaments.  The longer you look at the design, the more details you’ll love! 

Even better: the design comes in two colors. We have the OG green and a golden tone to make this cozy sweatshirt extra Christmassy.

Wholesome Culture Merry Catmas Christmas Sweater

Feline festive? Then grab your own “Merry Catmas” holiday gear!

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