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Ever wonder about the backstory behind your Wholesome Culture clothes? Long before our intimates transform into a comfy pieces for your body and get printed on-demand with love (and water-based ink!), they were primarily bamboo. Why? Bamboo is good for even more than feeding pandas and building schools. It can also be a major eco-friendly staple of your wardrobe. 

Why do we use bamboo to make clothes & intimates?

Sustainable Bamboo Clothes and Intimates
Sustainable Intimates Collection

Here are 8 reasons why we love using bamboo to make some of our Wholesome Culture clothes and intimates! 

1. Bamboo is breathable 

Comfort is key when it comes to clothing (and pretty much everything!). That’s why bamboo is such an amazing resource because it’s breathable with a super-soft feel.

2. It’s moisture-wicking 

Plus, it wicks away more moisture than other materials. So you can hike, walk, run errands, do yoga, and just live your life without feeling weighed down by your outfit. 

3. It’s durable

Bamboo is known for its longevity as a durable material. Meaning, it’s a fabric that won’t need to be replaced year after year!

4.  Fast-growing 

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, according to The Guinness World Records. And it self-generates from its own roots without needing to be replanted. Talk about efficient and independent! 

5. Naturally pest-resistant 

Bye bye, pesticides! Bamboo is naturally pest-resistant, meaning it doesn’t require the use of pesticides or other chemicals to thrive.

6. Biodegradable 

Unlike plastic and styrofoam, bamboo is 100 percent biodegradable. So wear your bamboo shirts with pride knowing they will eventually degrade naturally (and not sit in landfills forever). 

7. Gives the air some love

Bamboo releases oxygen into the air, which is good for all beings! It’s estimated bamboo releases 35 percent more oxygen than other plants, even trees

8. It isn’t super thirsty for water 

On top of everything else, bamboo also requires very little water. And since water is a part of nearly everything we do — drinking, eating, bathing, cooking — and it’s essential to our survival, finding ways to preserve water is one of the most important things we can do for the Earth (if not the most important!). 

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