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If you’re anything like us, you know a good mug changes the coffee-drinking experience.

A mug feels good to hold in the hand, it makes coffee taste better for a lot longer, and it fills our hearts with joy knowing that we aren’t contributing to the crazy waste of single-use cups (we’re looking at you, Starbucks).

Whether you’re a coffee-addict or tea-lover, our “Live gently upon this Earth” eco-friendly reusable coffee mug is for you! Here are six reasons why we love it and know you will, too.

6 reasons this is going to be your new favorite eco-friendly reusable coffee mug

1. It’s 100% organic

You can drink in peace knowing no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers were involved in the making of our mug.

2. It’s BPA- free

BPA is an industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastics. Studies show it may be linked to fertility issues, along with a bunch of other health problems. Needless to say we don’t want anything to do with it at Wholesome Culture.

3. It’s made with biodegradable materials

Hello, bamboo powder and cornstarch. Buh-bye, plastic!

4. It’s reusable and recyclable

Studies show that more often than not paper cups are not recycled. Our mug is an easy way to avoid unnecessary waste and be certain you’re buying something that is recyclable.

5. It’s cute and inspirational

What’s better than getting a little peaceful pick-me up with every sip? The mantra “Live gently upon this earth” is something we can all get behind!

6. It gives back

For every purchase, we donate 10% of our profits to animal rescue and environmental organizations. So you’re not only contributing to less single-use waste, you’re also helping animals (double-yay!).

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