This is the truth about the 5 craziest vegan stereotypes
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As vegans, we tend to either be praised or get slack for our lifestyle – or better yet, both!

“Great job for eating foods that will help save the planet, but seriously, where do you get your protein from?”

Whether you are a vegan looking for a witty comeback or someone who simply needs answers about what the heck being a vegan even means, keep reading as we bust vegan stereotypes once and for all!

1. We’re all dirty hippies

The vegan community generally has good hygiene (okay, so we can’t speak for all of us). While we may be a bit more gung-ho Mother Earth than your average Joe, that doesn’t mean we don’t bathe. In fact, we bathe with some of the best products around!

In addition to not being dirty hippies, we try to use body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and cosmetics that are animal product-free and plastic-free whenever possible.

So to finally clear our names – not all vegans are dirty hippies.

2. You can’t eat meat in front of us

Don’t worry if you order the most meat-heavy item on the menu! Vegans are not about food shaming – feel free to eat away at whatever you want. There will be no silent-judging across the table from us.

When it comes to dining, to each their own – until you cross over to the dark (vegan) side, that is (insert evil laugh).

If you do feel like making Mondays meatless or simply want to cut more animal products out of your everyday life, check out Wholesome Culture’s guide to eliminating meat and cheese cravings that will help make your transition easy breezy.


3. All we eat is lettuce

Sure, vegans graze on the occasional head of lettuce, but not all of us take after Peter Rabbit. Seriously, it would be impossible to live on lettuce alone!

Want to know what we really eat? Check out these dreamy plant-based recipes!

4. All vegan food is bland

A lifetime of not eating animal products does not mean we’ve lost our taste buds. In fact, we have a different appreciation for food. What’s cooler than using only plant ingredients to create a tasty cheeseburger, for example?

Still don’t believe us? Check out the 80+ delicious vegan recipes in Wholesome Culture’s plant-based cookbook that will school you on just how delicious vegan options can be!

5. We’re all protein-deficient

The number one question vegans get asked is, “but where do you get your protein from?”

Here’s the truth: there are a TON of plant-based protein options, including:

Lack of vegan protein options is a myth

Jokes aside, there are plenty of stereotypes and myths surrounding what it means to be a vegan, and the best way to bust them is to simply ask someone who abides by a meat-free diet. We don’t bite – promise!

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