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If you’ve ever seen a sea turtle in real life, you know it’s an unforgettable experience – there’s something truly magical about these underwater marvels!

So what is it about sea turtles that is just so cool? Keep reading to find out what we love about them, and how you can help them come back from endangerment. Soon, no one will have the chance to watch sea turtles in action – unless we all help out in the conservation efforts.

baby sea turtles

Sea turtles have a crazy-long lifespan

Reaching adulthood is a challenge for many sea turtles – after hatching on the beach, simply making it to the water is a deadly ordeal for baby turtles. However, those who successfully make it to adulthood can live up to 100 years!


They’re cultural icons – and are good luck

Many Pacific Asian and Polynesian cultures revere the sea turtle. In fact, both green and hawksbill sea turtles are mentioned in the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian creation chant – they represent wisdom, good luck, and guardian spirits.

sea turtles diving

The masters of deep-sea diving

Did you know green sea turtles can slow their heart rates down to one beat per nine minutes? This helps them go on extended dives (up to five hours!) without having to come up for air. Now that takes talent!

sea turtles dinosaurs

They’ve been around a loooong time

Leatherback sea turtles have existed for 150 million years – they were around when dinosaurs were still alive! Leatherbacks survived the dinosaur extinction, but now almost all seven sea turtle species – including leatherbacks – are endangered thanks to climate change, pollution, poaching, and habitat damage caused by humans and fishing gear.

save sea turtles


Climate change affects sea turtles in a very strange – and devastating – way

During incubation, temperature actually determines the sex of sea turtle eggs. Warmer temperatures results in more female sea turtles than males. According to World Wildlife Fund, in Queesland, shifts in climate have resulted in “virtually no male northern green sea turtles being born.” Clearly, this is a scary situation for the survival of their species.

sea turtles climate change


How to help save sea turtles

First rule: Look, don’t touch. If you spot a sea turtle while having fun at your favorite beach destination, give it space and don’t hover over top of it. The poor turtle might get too scared to come up to the surface for air!

Organizations like Oceanic Society and World Wildlife Fund lead the way in turtle conservation efforts. Volunteers and donors are always needed; they make a direct impact on sea turtle welfare!

Finally, skip the (plastic) straw! This needless source of waste does major damage to the sea turtle population; ingesting straws can be deadly. Help clean up our oceans and save sea turtles by switching to reusable options like our bamboo straws.

sea turtles plastic straws

You can also help raise awareness for sea turtles by picking up one of our “Skip a Straw, Save a Turtle” eco tees!

Sea turtles advocate

Together, we can help save turtles – and many other species who depend on our oceans!


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