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Bathrooms. They’re the place we usually start and end our days. More than just a maintenance area with a toilet and sink, bathrooms are safe zones for shower-singing, mirror-dancing, self pep talking, and sitting alone for blissful moments of quiet.  

Since bathrooms are a sacred (and necessary) place in a home, why not make them a hub of cruelty-free and eco-friendly goodness? From bamboo toothbrushes to cruelty-free razors, here are some ways to turn your bathroom in a feel-good space, for you and the planet.

How to get an eco-friendly bathroom

1. Shower mindfully

One of the best (and cheapest) ways to save water in the bathroom is simple: take shorter showers.

But if you’re a lover of long showers, consider investing in a low-flow showerhead.  

While a regular showerhead typically uses about 10 gallons of water, a low-flow one uses 2.5 gallons. And if you’re concerned about your locks not getting enough water pressure, worry not. There are tons of low-flow showerheads with a strong spray.

2. Green your dental routine

Take care of your teeth and the environment by purchasing eco-friendly toothbrushes like Brush with Bamboo or Mothers Vault.

Looking for a greener way to floss? Be on the lookout for flosses stored in non-plastic containers.

And, of course, always remember to turn off the tap when you’re brushing!

3. Ditch antibacterial soap 

Antibacterial soap sounds like a good thing, but it’s not any more efficient than regular soap, and it’s harmful to the planet. It also contains chemical ingredients that may impair heart and muscle functions. Instead, check out products like Friendly Soap which is SLS-free, paraben free, palm oil free, and plastic free (but full of eco-friendliness).

4. Say goodbye to single-use disposables

Single-use disposables like makeup wipes, toilet cleaner kits, and paper towels are huge waste-makers. By opting for reusable towels, makeup remover cloths, and regular toilet brushes you can still maintain your routine with a clear, non-landfilling conscience.

5. Select shower curtains carefully

If you need a little extra coverage in the shower, keep an eye out for PVC-free curtains. PVCs, also sometimes referred to as vinyl, are not recyclable and are also known to contain toxic chemicals (no, thank you). The best eco-friendly alternatives include organic cotton, polyester, and nylon materials.

6. Remove hair with care

Shaving can be a major source of waste, especially when it comes to those wimpy, disposable razors that survive only two shaves. Some razors are even made with animal products like lanolin, aka, wool grease (yuck).

An easy way to cut your carbon footprint: buy blade refills instead of brand new razors. And if you’re on the hunt for a new razor, check out eco-friendly razors like Preserve, which are made from recycled plastic containers. Plus, their cruelty-free blade refills even work with handles from certain mainstream brands.

7. Get crafty with your cleaning products

Baking soda, vinegar, and a little elbow grease can work wonders when it comes to cleaning. These household ingredients are safer and cheaper than the commercial cleaners, which are often filled with potentially toxic ingredients. Not a fan of the smell of vinegar? That’s ok. Plenty of green-friendly cleaning products are available like Mrs. Meyer’s and Method brands.


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