Here are 31 ways to be plastic-free every day of the month
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Here are 31 ways to go plastic-free every day of the month! 

1. Use reusable containers for takeaway

Next time you decide on takeaway food, be sure to bring your own container to bring it home. Your food will taste the same, but it’ll definitely be better for the planet!

2. Stop sucking

When you go out to eat, be sure to let your server know that you don’t want a straw when you order. In the United States alone, Americans use about 500 million straws daily, so it’s time to stop sucking!

Make your plastic-free transition that much easier with the help of Wholesome Culture’s ‘Be the Change – Bamboo Straw.’

Wholesome Culture Skip a Straw Save a Turtle eco tee


3. Bring your own reusable cups

Skip out on a coffee or any drink for that matter if you don’t have a reusable cup with you. It is important to our planet that everyone has their own cup with them the next time they need a refreshment!

Mother Earth loves Wholesome Culture’s ‘Live Gently Upon This Earth – Coffee Mug’ – the best cup for the planet!

Wholesome Culture reusable coffee mug

4. Shop with reusable tote bags

Paper or plastic? How about neither! Shop with a reusable tote bag for all your purchases instead. Around the world, people use nearly two million bags every minute, so be sure to answer this question by using your reusable tote bag at checkout!

Check out Wholesome Culture’s “Small Acts Multiplied by Millions” reusable cotton tote for all your shopping needs.

reusable cotton tote bag from Wholesome Culture

5. Stop drinking from plastic water bottles

Water bottles are one of the main plastic items people use every day – so much so that the annual consumption of plastic bottles is set to top half a trillion by 2021! Make a difference this plastic-free July by using metal or glass water bottles instead.

6. Don’t pack the plastic plates for your summer camping trip

Opt for compostable ones instead – like these plant-based ones from Preserve Compostable.

7. Use reusable produce bags

Skip out on the tiny plastic bags for your fruits and vegetables by bringing produce bags with you! We recommend the ChicoBag Reusable Produce Bag Starter Kit. The best part is that they’re made of recycled plastic!

8. Use refillable makeup

From vegan brush sets to mineral concealer, make sure your makeup is eco-friendly and plastic-free! Check out Elate Cosmetics for some waste-free beauty inspiration!

9. Purchase 100% recycled toilet paper that isn’t wrapped in plastic

We’ve all been there. You pick the recycled toilet paper but the rolls are wrapped in plastic.

Well, good news! Who Gives A Crap makes 100% recycled and bamboo TP – that’s not wrapped in plastic! Plus, they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need.

10. Invest in an environmentally friendly razor

Single-use razors aren’t recyclable and many come in plastic containers, so it’s best to swap these out with a reusable stainless steel one, like this one from Rockwell Razors.

11. Forget frozen foods

This is certainly a tough one, but there are hardly any frozen foods that do not come in plastic packaging. Try to avoid purchasing frozen foods altogether and purchase fresh, local produce instead!

You can also purchase extra fresh fruits and veggies and freeze them yourself. Here are some super simple tips for freezing food without plastic.

Forget frozen foods in plastic packaging

12. Purchase freshly-baked goods to avoid plastic wraps (or bake your own!)

Wholesome Culture's vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe

Check out our recipe for the best vegan chocolate macadamia nut cookies!

13. Purchase zero-waste deodorant

Make the switch to zero-waste deodorant this plastic-free July. You can even make your own deodorant at home! Check out Sustainably Vegan’s DIY tutorial below.

14. Use bar shampoos and conditioners

Rid your bathroom of plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles by investing in bars instead. We recommend Lush – their handmade shampoo and conditioner bars will work wonders on your locks!

15. Get toothpaste that stores in a jar (or make your own!)

Help save the planet by purchasing toothpaste that comes in glass. Or make your own. Check out Going Zero Waste’s recipe for DIY tooth powder:

16. And invest in a bamboo toothbrush

850 million toothbrushes are thrown away every year in the U.S. Don’t be a statistic – look after your oral health the biodegradable way with a bamboo toothbrush!

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17. Lather up with soap, instead of body was in plastic bottles

We love Rocky Mountain Soap’s natural soap bars.

18. Wrap your food in reusable vegan wax wraps

Vegan food wraps are exponentially better for the planet than plastic sandwich bags.

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Dreaming of summer and all the fresh produce that comes with it. 🍉🍓🥝In the meantime shopping our farmers market and buying what we can. Some of these things came from farther away than we would have liked, which is just one more reason why we need to limit food-waste by being mindful of what and how much we buy, and keep what we buy fresh. . . Did you know Earthology Food Wraps are designed to keep foods fresh up to 5 times longer. They allow just the right amount of moisture in while mimicking the the natural peel or skin of a piece of fruit or vegetable! They are also made with 100% organic GOTS certified cotton? 🌿 Creating the most beautiful, highest quality, eco-friendly product possible. . . . #purchasewithpurpose #mindfulconsumer #sustainableliving #myorganiclife #organicliving #zerowastehome #refusereducereuse #zerowaste #reusablefoodwrap #keepfoodfresh #avacadolove #sustainableliving #beeswaxwrap #beeswrap #veganfoodwraps Photo credit @threewolvesstudios

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19. Purchase from bulk bins and bring your own glass container

Purchase from bulk bins and bring your own glass container to reduce plastic use

20. Compost food waste instead of using plastic trash bags

21. Avoid snacks in plastic packages or make your own

Wholesome Culture's Peanut Butter Energy Bites

Here are some yummy, healthy, and quick-to-make snack ideas.

22. Don’t purchase any plastic hair tools or accessories

23. Give up the mini bar

We all love a drink (or two), but be sure to avoid the mini bar and any other bottles of booze that aren’t in glass bottles.

24. Use lotions and chapstick that come in plastic-free containers

Give our vegan and organic peppermint lip balm a try!

Use lotions and chapstick that come in plastic-free containers

25. Same goes for your hair products

26. Protect your skin with plastic-free sunscreen

Protect your skin from the sun with the help of Raw Elements Sunscreen – it is both organic and plastic-free!

27. Ladies: switch to using a menstrual cup

Most tampons come in plastic containers. When it’s that time of the month, instead a use reusable menstrual cup, like The Diva Cup!

28. Bring your own snacks and utensils on airplanes

29. Use your own bamboo utensils

Arm yourself with some environmentally-friendly bamboo utensils in your kitchen and on-the-go. They’re durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and will help you make a difference this plastic-free July!

Are you in need of your own bamboo utensils? Wholesome Culture’s bamboo utensils are perfect for any meal and come in a nifty cloth bag!

Use your own bamboo utensils

30. When you make an online purchase, request zero plastic shipping

31. Do your research

Sadly, there are a number of items that have plastic in them that we aren’t even aware of (like chewing gum!)! Do your research so you know which products you should be avoiding so that you can be plastic-free this July!


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