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Warm weather is upon us.

Emerging from the long winter months is a beautiful time of year when you can pack away the heavy coats and thick gloves and get prepared for sunshine and good vibes. While you’re putting away the winter gear, you might notice that your summer clothes are looking a little worn from countless earlier seasons.

We’re here to help with that!

You want to make a statement when you’re at your friend’s barbecue or even just for your cats at home. That means you need something comfortable, fashionable, and (most importantly) sustainable.

With that in mind, here are 5 sustainable styles perfect for summer:


1. Florals

Okay, we know what you’re thinking…


But just because it isn’t “groundbreaking” doesn’t mean it isn’t a great idea. Florals are the best pattern to kick off the season, because people haven’t seen flowers growing outside in months and are excited to celebrate them.

Floral patterns also have the benefit of variety. There are as many florals as there are species of flowers so even if you aren’t the only one with this brilliant idea, you’re still wearing a unique outfit unto yourself.

You can even shop our Grow Your Own Way set in a bundle and save 15%! The materials are loose, breathable, and, as always, sustainably sourced.


2. Tank Tops

What’s the point of summer weather if not to show some skin?

Tank tops are the perfect summer shirt because they’ll let you show off your sense of style with a funky design while also feeling the wind on your skin.

And this isn’t gender specific. Boys, you should get in on this too! Too long has this liberating style been primarily reserved for the ladies, we want to see people of all genders rocking these this summer.

You can always choose our Let’s Root for Each Other beach tank, but if you want a different vibe, it’s always a great time to customize your own!


3. Shorts

It doesn’t get much better than a great pair of shorts. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect comfy outfit to lounge at home or need a cute fit to keep cool on the go, a versatile pair of shorts is a must for the summer heat. 

Running some errands? Nearly any tank or tee can be paired for a stylish + comfy look. Heading to the beach for the day? Ditch the tank and pair your shorts with a bralette or bikini top as a perfect companion piece. 


4. Comfycore

If you’re in a cool-weather climate, this talk about sunshine and beating the heat might seem like rubbing it in. But summer is just as much about being comfortable as it is about outdoor activities.

Comfortable fashion, or “comfycore,” is perfect for those days when the breeze is carrying some rain from far off. Or maybe when the weather is just too brutal to go outside at all!

Wholesome Culture has you covered (more so than the tank tops that is) with a matching set of sweatshirts and joggers. They’re available in the Grow Your Own Way and Being Kind is Cool styles, but either way, you’ll be the best dressed in the living room.


5. Shades

No matter where you live, however, if it’s in the northern hemisphere the sun is going to be a lot closer than usual. That means you’ll need to be prepared with some stylish shades.

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for any summer style and do a lot more than protect your eyes. They also coordinate with your outfit and can provide a touch of ~fun~ that you aren’t going to find on any thread.

Since sustainable styles are our jam, we want to highlight a brand we’ve written about before named Swway. They make biodegradable sunglasses out of wood and bamboo that pair well with any outfit you have planned.

No matter what your summer style is, there’s only one thing that’s truly important: enjoy yourself! We’ll all have to go back inside to escape the cold before we know it, so make sure to take advantage of the great outdoors while you can. And with sustainable styles for every occasion, you can feel good about doing your part to save those great outdoors as well!



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