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Nothing screams summer quite like a sun-soaked trip to the beach! The sand, the sun, the light breeze, the smell of the saltwater… it’s all pretty magical.

If you’re planning a vacation, we’ve put together the perfect list of beach vacation essentials to bring on your next trip. And, even better, every beach trip essential we’ve included here is eco-friendly!

Let’s get packing! Check out this list of 9 sustainable solutions for your next beach trip!

Sustainable and eco-friendly beach trip essentials

1. Sustainable beach chairs

Low Tides Ocean creates sustainable products made for enjoying life on the beach! These sandbar folding beach chairs are built with upcycled ocean-bound plastics to prevent them from polluting our seas.

2. Ethically made beach tanks

Our very own beach tanks make the perfect everyday top to throw on over your swimsuit. Your time at the beach is the right time to share the importance of protecting our oceans and local marine life. As always, 10% of all profits go toward animal rescue and environmental organizations. Shop here.

respect the locals eco-friendly beach tank

3. Eco-friendly sunscreen

Sunscreen is an absolute must for any beach vacation. Protect yourself from harmful UV rays and painful sunburns with cruelty-free, nontoxic, eco-friendly sunscreen. Check out our guide to picking a planet-friendly sunscreen that’s both great for your skin, and great for the environment. 


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4. Snack storage for a zero-waste picnic

No day at the beach is complete without some tasty, nourishing snacks! Avoid creating waste by packing your snacks in eco-friendly containers, like bamboo or glass jars, reusable silicone zip-top storage bags, or reusable food wraps. And don’t forget to bring some cloth napkins that you can throw in the wash instead of throwing away!


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5. Reusable water bottle

We know you already take your favorite reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go. If you’re like us, you feel lost without it — and the beach is one place where you will not want to forget about it! It’s so important to stay hydrated after a long day in the sun — and not creating plastic waste in the process makes it even better.

eco-friendly reusable water bottle

6. Eco-friendly sunglasses

How cool are these BIODEGRADABLE sunglasses? These eco-friendly sunglasses are made from wood and bamboo, and completely break down when you’re finished using them. Even the lenses are biodegradable!


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7. Recycled beach umbrellas

Stay in the shade with these adorably designed, sustainably made beach umbrellas. Check out these beach umbrellas made from recycled plastic. Plus, a portion of every purchase is donated to the environmental organization Greening Australia.

8. Eco-friendly beach towels

You can’t go to the beach without packing a towel! Stay dry and sand-free with sustainably made, fast-drying eco-friendly towels. These cute towels from Sand Cloud promote a good cause, too — a portion of profits go toward marine conservation efforts.


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9. Vegan slide sandals

Slides are the perfect sandals for summer beach trips. These slides are made with thread spun from plastic water bottles, vegan leather, and other plant-based materials.


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