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In this post, we’re highlighting some of our favorite mamas in the animal kingdom (and their adorable babies) who represent the best parts of motherhood: patience, dedication, and love.

Keep reading to discover some truly amazing facts about animal mothers!

Animal mamas elephant

For elephants, it takes a village

Not only do these mamas give birth to the biggest babies in the animal kingdom (200-pounders!), but elephants raise their calves in a matriarchal society. This means all female members of a herd take part in the upbringing of the calves. Girl power!

Animal mamas polar bear

Polar bears make excellent single moms

Female polar bears do basically all their cub-rearing alone; they’re the ultimate single moms of the animal kingdom. During pregnancy, these bears must eat enough to double their weight, or they’ll actually reabsorb the fetus – which may be part of the reason why their population is declining. After their cubs are born, polar bear moms work hard to protect their blind, defenseless cubs until they’re ready to strike out on their own.

animal mamas moose

Don’t get between a moose and her babies

Moose mamas are known for their intensely protective nature and close bonds with their offspring – they’ll even charge at cars if they feel threatened!  Moose babies are completely helpless at birth; their mothers have to strategize in order to keep them hidden and safe. A calf will stick with its mom until she gives birth again. Female moose are known to stay near their moms for years afterwards!

animal mamas orangutans

Orangutan mamas define dedication

Did you know that orangutans depend on their mothers for longer than any other animal? Orangutan moms won’t even put their babies down until those babies turn two, and the offspring don’t leave their mothers until they’re six or seven! Female orangutans continue to visit their moms until they reach 15-years-old (I’m not crying, you’re crying).

animal mamas cow

Separation hurts cows more than we know

From the moment their calves are born, mama cows form a deeply loving bond with their babies – and any forced separation puts immense stress on both mothers and calves. When cows are permitted to stay with their offspring, they happily maintain companionship throughout their lives. The lesson here? It’s time we all give up dairy and beef!


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