Super easy single-use plastic swaps that will make the world a better place

You know what they say, a single-use plastic swap a day keeps trash out of a sea turtle’s way. (Or maybe that’s just what we say!) 

While reducing single-use plastic may feel overwhelming at first, it’s really not that hard once you do a little digging for planet-friendly alternatives. Here are some simple and easy plastic swaps that will make your habits healthier for you and the world. 

9 single-use plastic swaps you have to try

Bye shampoo bottles, hello shampoo bars

All those plastic bottles of shampoo seriously add up. By opting for bars like Lush Shampoo Bars — you’ll save lots of plastic over time. And have healthy, gorgeous hair (added bonus!). 

Same goes for body wash. Bars of soap do the job without the plastic packaging. 

Bye throwaway cups, hello reusable mugs

It’s estimated that billions of coffee cups are thrown away every year! By using our reusable Live Gently Upon This Earth mug, you can sip plastic-free and be proud to not be part of that crazy high statistic. 

Wholesome Culture reusable coffee mug

Bye plastic bags, hello reusable totes

First off, reusable bags (like our Wholesome Culture cotton totes) are more comfortable on the shoulder, stronger for bigger loads, and just plain cuter than plastic bags. But more importantly, they don’t get ingested by sea animals! 

Since the hardest part is often remembering to keep them handy, we recommend placing them strategically in cars, purses, and anywhere else that’s convenient to grab on the go

Bye detergent jugs, hello detergent strips 

Forget the plastic jugs and pods, Tru Earth laundry strips are changing the clothes cleaning game. The idea is simple: one strip, one load (no measuring necessary!). Not to mention, the strips are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and vegan. 

Bye plastic wraps, hello reusable vegan wraps

Breaking up with plastic wraps has never been easier thanks to the many reusable food storage options out there. Vegan food wraps like Etee Wraps make it easy to store and cover food without resorting to plastic sealing.  

Bye plastic cutlery, hello bamboo utensils

Stash a set of reusable set of utensils in your purse and you’ll be good to go plastic-free wherever your taste buds take you. If you’re looking for a new set, check out our Wholesome Culture utensils that also come with a cute cloth bag. 

Bye plastic straws, hello bamboo straws

It’s estimated that Americans use 500 straws daily, according to The National Park Service. Yikes! But there’s no need to give up iced lattes and smoothies, just remember your reusable straws like our Be The Change bamboo straws. Plus, they weigh practically nothing and are super easy to clean. 

Bye plastic razors, hello metals razors

Getting rid of hair doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet. Try using metal razors instead. It’ll cut back on your overall plastic usage and save you from buying those chintzy plastic razors that last three shaves. 

Bye single-use cotton swabs, hello reusable swabs

Those small, single-use cotton pads are often wrapped around a short plastic rod. And they’re typically packaged in some variation of plastic material. Not good. That’s where LastSwab comes in.  It’s a reusable version of a cotton swab that’s made to last about 1,000 uses (seriously!). And it comes in cute and colorful biodegradable cases. 

Bye plastic water bottles, hello reusable bottles

Refilling a reusable water bottle will benefit the environment and your wallet! If you’re looking for a new to-go bottle, check out our Less Plastic More Love glass water bottle that also doubles as a way to raise awareness for the plastic reduction movement! 

Bye plastic toothbrushes, hello bamboo brushes

Keep your teeth and the ocean clean by using eco-friendly toothbrushes like Brush with Bamboo and Mother’s Vault. While you’re at it, keep an eye out for floss stored in non-plastic containers. 

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