Warning! 6 surprising products with hidden plastic 
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We all know plastic is a major problem. In fact it’s such a problem that many of our everyday products contain plastic and we aren’t even aware of it. 

From makeup and personal care products to drinks and breath fresheners, here’s a list of surprising products with hidden plastic. 

Tea bags

some tea bags contain hidden plastic

Most tea bags are heat-sealed with polyethylene, which is a fancy word for plastic. Tea lovers, we promise we’re just as disappointed as you are. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty every time you sip on an almond milk London Fog. A good way to get around the plastic is by using loose leaf tea instead of tea bags. 

Chewing Gum

If you spot “gum base” on the ingredient list of your chewing gum, there’s a good chance you’re chomping on plastic. To add to the bad news, almost every kind of gum is wrapped in a bunch of plastic packaging. Thankfully, brands like Simply Gum have solved this gum chewing conundrum by making vegan, plastic-free gum and packaging. 


glitter makeup has hidden plastic in it

Those glitter sparkles in your greeting cards and eyeshadow pallets are essentially tiny pieces of plastic known as “microplastic.” And if you’ve ever tried to clean up glitter, you understand that it’s nearly impossible to reuse and repurpose the sparkly stuff. Instead, embrace your inner sparkle and shower that everywhere! It will shine a lot brighter and not fill the ocean with unnecessary waste

Paper coffee cups

some paper cups have hidden plastic in them

We all know plastic cups contain plastic (duh), but did you know that even the paper cups contain plastic, too? Disposable coffee cups are often lined with plastic, which is used to make the cups waterproof and prevent the liquid from leaking out. However, this plastic lining also makes it difficult to recycle the cups. 

Just one more reason to use a reusable mug like our Live Gently Upon This Earth mug! 

Disposable wipes

Those handy yet mega wasteful to-go wipes are an issue for multiple reasons. One, they’re typically thrown away after one-use. And secondly, they often contain plastic. Meaning, when we throw them away they can end up in the ocean and get ingested by sea creatures like turtles (think: plastic bags that look like jellyfish, but with wet wipes instead).  

If you find yourself in need of a wet wipe (it happens), reach for plastic-free wipes like NaturaCare wipes. 

Tampons and pads

The back-strip of many sanitary napkins and tampon applicators are often made of plastic, which can add up considering the average woman uses 9,600 tampons in a lifetime

Of course, we know menstrual hygiene products aren’t things we should just stop using. Instead, reach for reusable sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, and period underwear. If none of those options sounds like they’ll work with your lifestyle, shop organic whenever possible. 

If you’re doing your best to live a plastic-free life with a bamboo straw and a reusable water bottle in hand (go you!), but feel like it’s impossible to phase plastic out. We feel you. 

Getting rid of all plastic isn’t going to happen overnight, but learning about what’s in the products we use and consume will help us make more mindful, Earth-friendly changes over time. 

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