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January is coming to an end, making this the perfect time to check in and see whether you’re on track with your goals for this year.

If you feel like you’ve lost focus and need help getting back on track – we’ve got great news! We rounded up a list of the absolute best apps to assist you in crushing every goal you’ve made for 2019.    

  1.  Strides

According to Psychology Today, research shows that setting specific goals makes you more likely to achieve them.

Strides is an app that allows you to set and track specific goals and helps you create the perfect routine to achieve them! Get ready for step-by-step goal setting and progress charts that’ll keep you on track.

  1.  Way of Life

It’s important to stay positive when setting goals.

For example, instead of setting a goal “not to eat any junk food this month,” change it to “eat more nutritious, plant-based foods that are good for me.

The Way of Life app is an awesome habit builder that tracks all the things you do that are good for you – helping you form positive habits aligned with your goals. You can see the progress you’re making and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!

  1.  ThinkUp

According to science, self-confidence plays an important role in our achievements. Which is why, to achieve our goals, we first need to believe we can.

ThinkUp was designed to help you achieve your goals through positive self-talk and motivation. The app uses your own voice to give you positive affirmations and feedback, helping you reduce stress and improve your confidence and wellbeing.  

  1.  Smiling Mind

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Meditation and mindfulness have been linked to increasing a range of willpower skills, such as stress management, focus, impulse control, and self-awareness. Some studies show that meditation also boosts your confidence, which in turn helps you achieve your goals. So, use the non-profit Smiling Mind app to start your mindfulness journey and get to work on crushing those goals!

  1.  LifeTick

two friends helping each other achieve their goals

Having an accountability partner or a buddy can be incredibly beneficial when trying to stay motivated. A study from the Dominican University of California showed that more than 70 percent of participants who sent weekly updates to a friend either completely achieved their goal or were halfway there, compared to only 35 percent of those who kept their goals to themselves!

That’s why we love LifeTick – an app that allows you to invite others to view your progress and even add comments to help you stay motivated along the way!


And now – is one of your goals to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet, or go vegan?

Check out this extensive list of apps (and more) that’ll help!


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