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If you’re like us, gifts are ways to show our loved ones that we listen to their needs and values. We’re always on a quest for that perfect little something that makes our BFF say, “I can’t believe you remembered that” or “you know me so well!” And especially right now, as we have more time at home, we’re trying to be extra intentional in our gift-giving. That’s why we put together this collection of sustainable gifts that are made to add value and mindfulness to everyday life… and all happen to be under $40.

But before we get into this gift list, we know the word “sustainable” gets thrown around a lot online, so we divided the guide into three categories: reusables/low-waste gifts, organic/sustainably sourced gifts, and gifts that give back.

Here are our top picks of sustainable gifts in 2020 — from reusable products (zip-locks, utensils, and totes) to plastic-free scrunchies, we hope you find something that speaks to you and shares the love of mindful living this year — and beyond. 

20+ Sustainable Gifts for All the Eco-Conscious Friends in Your Life

Reusables / Low Waste Gifts 

1. Stasher Bags

Who knew a ziplock bag could be this adorable? Stasher Bags are truly game-changers for anyone attempting to reduce their plastic waste… and they’re also microwave safe and dishwasher safe. This set of three is $34, but you can also buy them individually for $14.

Stasher Bags
Source: Stasher

2. Bamboo Utensils

Reusable utensils make for sweet & practical stocking stuffers (and they somehow make food taste better, if you ask us). Our Wholesome Culture Bamboo Utensils ($15) are super sturdy & they come in a cute pouch, which makes them easy to transport in your backpack or purse.

Wholesome Culture bamboo utensils
Source: Wholesome Culture

3. Candid Art Accessories Face Mask

These $20 breathable face masks from Candid Art Accessories are made in Oakland with two layers of cotton fabric. And they’re great alternatives to single-use masks if you’re in a position to wear a washable mask instead!

Candid Art Accesories
Source: Candid Art Accessories

4. Reusable Tote Bag

For a tote that shares kindness, look no further than our Bee Kind tote ($17). It’s roomy, comfy on the shoulder, and our favorite alternative to plastic, single-use bags.

Wholesome Culture Tote
Source: Wholesome Culture

5. Love Mother Earth Bamboo Mug

Cozy vibes are at an all-time high with our Love Mother Earth Bamboo mug ($20). Add loose-leaf tea or fair-trade coffee and you’ve got the ultimate cold-weather drinking set.

Wholesome Culture Mug
Source: Wholesome Culture

6. Earth Lover Lunch Pair

Cute, eco-conscious, and practical — this Earth Lover Lunch Pair from Uncommon Goods radiates Earth-loving vibes (all for $30).

Uncommon Goods Lunch Pair
Source: Uncommon Goods

7. Koo Sho Organic Scrunchies

For ponytail days around the house and out & about — we love Koo Shoo’s plastic-free, organic, and biodegradable scrunchies. The $20 two-packs come in a variety of colors and are super soft whether they’re in your hair or on your wrist. You’ll never reach for those pesky, plastic ties that you wear once and lose again!

Koo Shoo Organic Scrunchies
Source: Koo Shoo

8. by Humankind Daily Routine Set

For $34, this Daily Routine Set from by Humankind is the ultimate starter set for anyone looking to embrace zero waste living. It comes with deodorant, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, and floss in packaging that brings so much joy to just look at!

Humankind Set
Source: by Humankind

9. Ethique Body Sampler

This Body Sampler from Ethique ($17) comes with body wash, body butter, and solid deodorant. Meaning, it’s the ultimate zero-waste beauty bundle. Plus the packaging is 100% compostable, which makes it even more environmentally conscious.

Ethique Body Sampler
Source: Ethique

10. Pela Phone Case

Brighten up all your days… and lighten your waste with a Pela phone case. Pela’s phone cases are compostable, cute, feel so good to hold in the hand, and they’re typically in the $30-$40 range.

Pela Phone Case
Source: Pela Case

11. Hyggelight Growing Candles

Hyggelight Growing Candles are two gifts in one. After you enjoy all the yummy-smelling goodness of the candle, you plant the label (which is embedded with seeds) and wait for a lovely pot full of wildflowers to sprout. Depending on the candle you select, the price is between $30 to $45.

Hyggelight Growing Candle
Source: The Growing Candle

12. Worthwhile Recycled Paper Pad

Made with recycled paper, this $8 notepad from Worthwhile Paper makes for a perfect stocking stuffer for the list-making, meal preppers in your life.  Ps, one of the best ways to save food waste is to make lists and map out meals – check our more tips here.

Worthwhile Paper Notepad
Source: Worthwhile Paper

Organic/Sustainably Sourced Gifts

13. Bee Kind Organic Tee 

This Bee Kind Organic Tee is ultra-soft and gentle on the environment.  Check out more cozy essentials in our organic collection, here.

Organic Bee Kind Tee
Source: Wholesome Culture

14. Pact Organic Socks

Made for snuggling by the fire, these organic socks from Pact ($24) are made with 75% organic cotton and nylon, and they’re Fair-Trade certified.

Organic socks
Source: Pact

15. 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell Throw Blanket

We love this 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell Throw Blanket from Sheets and Giggles. It’s just under $40, super soft, and breathable yet sturdy. Sheets & Giggles is also an awesome organization that donates to WWF, 1% For the Planet, and other meaningful charities.

Sheets and Giggles Throw Blanket
Source: Sheets and Giggles

16. Allbirds Bralettes

We all know Allbirds for their SUPER comfy shoes, but they also have a collection of sustainably-made essentials like this $30 bralette.

Allbirds bralette
Source: Allbirds

Gifts that Give Back

17. Pura Vida Charity Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets give back to so many beautiful causes ranging from One Tree Planted to Direct Relief to the Bees & Butterfly Habitat Fund. They’re not only colorful and cute, but they’re also lovely reminders to use our voices for good. Bracelet packs are about $30-ish, while single bracelets are $15 and under.

Pura Vida Bracelet
Source: Pura Vida

18. Lush Charity Pot 

This Charity Pot body lotion feels extra good to give because Lush donates 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small grassroots organizations. The lotion comes in two sizes. 1.7 oz for $7.95 and 8.4 oz for $29.95. (And the containers make for great planter pots once you’re out of lotion!)

Lush Charity Pot
Source: Lush

19. Wildflower Seed Bomb Gift Box

Once you discover these Wildflower Seed Bombs ($14.95), you’ll want to buy them for everyone (including yourself!). They’re plantable biodegradable hearts packed with a variety of wildflower seeds that will start to sprout within days of planting. And it’s not just a gift for the loved one in your life, but bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies will love the flowers too!

wildflower seed bombs
Source: Etsy

20. You’re My Hero Truffle Bar

Do you know someone with a sweet tooth? This yummy meltaway truffle bar from Seattle Chocolate is made with crunchy toffee pieces and Pacific sea salt in dark chocolate (yum). Plus, 5% of net profits go to Mary’s Place — a shelter for families in Seattle. It’s truly a gift that gives.

Seattle Chocolate
Source: Seattle Chocolate

21. Do Unto Animals Journals

Support Farm Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization that promotes animal welfare and veganism, with these adorable Do Unto Animals Notebooks ($20). They’re perfect gifts for animal-loving writers and will instantly add joy to any desk, purse, or backpack.

Do Unto Animals Journals
Source: Farm Sanctuary Shop

22. Wholesome Culture Cookbook

Share the love of yummy vegan food with our Wholesome Culture Cookbook which is full of 80+ nourishing plant-based recipes, from cinnamon rolls to berry smoothies. And 10% of profits go to animal rescue organizations.

Wholesome Culture vegan cookbook

PS, this post does include affiliate links, but we only support brands and products we truly love ourselves. 

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