Everything you need to know about elephants for World Elephant Day
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World Elephant Day was on August 12th. In honor of these gentle giants, we rounded up everything cool you need to know about these enormous and environmentally aiding creatures. Keep reading to find out every elephant fact you need to know for World Elephant Day!

10 fun elephant facts 

1. They’re huge!

Did you know that elephants are the world’s largest animal? That’s right – male African elephants can grow up to three meters tall and weigh up to eight tons!

They’re huge!

2. There are two different types of elephant species

There are two types of elephant species: the Asian elephant (which is the smaller one) and the African elephant. The African elephant actually consists of two species: the African Savannah elephant and the African forest elephant.

3. Male elephants tend to live in isolation

While female elephants live in groups with their young, adult males roam on their own. 

Male elephants tend to live in isolation

4. Female elephants have the longest pregnancy ever

A female elephant is pregnant with her baby for 22 months before giving birth! This is the longest of any mammal. In addition, female elephants give birth every five years or so.

5. The live until old age 

Elephants can live to be up to 70 years old! 

6. Elephants are vegan

Elephants eat hundreds of pounds of plants every day! African elephants’ diet consists of:

  • Leaves and branches of bushes and trees
  • Grass
  • Fruit
  • Bark 

Elephants are vegan

7. They’re excellent communicators 

The can communicate with and identify each other through rumbling, low-pitched sounds – and then can hear them over long distances! 

8. They can recognize themselves

This one’s super cool, because very few animals are able to do so. 

9. They mourn their dead 

Wild elephants are even known to visit the remains of their loved ones. 

elephants facts about moms and babies

10. They’re environmentalists 

What is there not to love about elephants? For one, they have a similar mission as Wholesome Culture…well, kind of. 

Elephants (unbeknownst to them) actually maintain forests and savanna ecosystems and encourage tree regeneration by creating gaps in tree canopies. Elephants even distribute seeds through their digestive tract. 

That’s right – even an elephant’s poo aids the environment! 

Elephants need our help

Sadly, there are less than 40,000 Asian elephants and 400,000 African elephants left worldwide. One of the biggest contributing factors to their decline is large-scale poaching. The illegal ivory trade is prevalent in countries including China, Thailand, and Hong Kong. 

Habitat loss is also a large contributing factor to this animal’s decline.

They’re environmentalists 

If you want to ensure that these animals stick around for a long time to come, you can donate to organizations including the World Wildlife Fund and the World Elephant Society. You can also be proactive about informing your family and friends the threat elephants face. You can even adopt an elephant

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