10 awesome New Year’s resolutions that will make the world a better place
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Hello 2019!

A new year means new resolutions. Haven’t picked one yet? You’ve come to the right place for a little inspiration!

Here are 10 awesome habit changes that will benefit you and make the world a better place!

1. Eat more plantsbowl of quinoa with carrots and brussel sprouts

Eating a plant-based diet is one of the best things you can do for the environment, animals, and your health!

Curious to know why?

Check out:

2. Keep a zero waste pantrydry goods in glass jars

2019 is the year to go plastic free! Go to the bulk section of your local grocery store or health food shop and stock up on beans and lentils with your glass jars. And don’t forget to bring your cloth bags along.

3. Volunteerfour people wearing blue t-shirts saying Volunteer

Giving back feels good! Why not make volunteering part of your weekly or monthly habits?

Love animals?

Here are some of the best animal charities to support right now.

4. Buy cruelty-free productsbottle of natural coconut oil

It’s time to ditch animal testing! This year, shop cruelty-free with our ultimate guide to cruelty-free beauty.

5. Say “thank you” morelatte on napkin written Thanks

These two simple words can have a huge impact. Make it a point this year to regularly thank all the people who make your life great!

Check out 13 simple ways to feel more grateful every day if you want to learn more about gratitude.

6. Raise awarenessorange cup of coffee with 'Go get 'em" written on cup

There are so many worthwhile causes to support! Why not make an effort to raise awareness about the ones close to your heart?

We suggest sharing some of these posts to your social media accounts:

7. Stay in touch with friendsthree friends posing for a picture

Maintaining friendships is important for our health and well-being. This year, why not be the first one to reach out to friends and organize fun activities?

8. Embrace your creativityhand drawing on white sheet of paper

The world needs your unique voice! Paint, draw, write, sing, learn to play an instrument – let your heart be your guide. Whatever you do, you will inspire others and be a source of positivity in the world.

9. Buy thrift store clothingthrift store

This year, drop quick fashion and shop in thrift stores instead. It’s better for the environment and your wallet.

It’s also a good idea to donate your old clothes!

10. Practice kindnessmother and son hugging

Being kind to yourself and others is a must to make this world a better place! Check out these 28 ways to be kind every day of the week for fun ideas.

Will you give any of these resolutions a try for 2019? We’d love to know in the comments below!

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