10 hilarious back-to-school vegan memes that will leave you laughing out loud
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Summer is almost over and the new school year is right around the corner! 

Don’t let the inevitable start of school bring you down. Instead, kick-start your new school year with these hilarious back-to-school vegan memes that will leave you laughing between classes. 

1. So much for kick-starting a healthier lifestyle this school year

There’s always next year, right?

2. That morning rush before school so you decide to make a vegan smoothie

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Still good tho. 😜👌🏼 // #regram @the.veganvibe

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Hey, you tried! 

3. Fingers crossed the school cafeteria will have vegan options!

Wishful thinking…heavy sigh.

4. Who else misses meat like they miss having to get up for that 8 am class?

No one, that’s who!

5. Going back to school means we’re channeling our inner “Mean Girls”

Which one are you?

6. Trying really hard to make friends with new classmates over here

And it’s obviously going really well!

7. Seriously hoping I meet my dream date this year 

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#vegan #veganmemes #veganfood

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I’ll take a pass on the meat breath, thanks.

8. Carrying your groceries back to your dorm room like…

9. When my classmates try to tell me what I can and can’t do

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You just watch me. 🙌

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Bring it on! 

10. Vegan “Stranger Things” reference = life

How many of you wish you could go to school with the cast of “Stranger Things?”

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