Back-to-school: The best eco-friendly dorm room finds for $20 or less
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Going back to school can either be incredibly rough or super exciting. While many of us don’t look forward to mounds of homework and trivial classes, there is one thing that keeps many of us excited for a new school year – decking out our dorm rooms.

Keep reading to find out Wholesome Culture’s favorite eco-friendly dorm room finds…none of which will break the bank!

8 eco-friendly dorm room finds for $20 or less 

Bamboo utensils – $19.97

Whether you are dining in your school’s cafeteria or grabbing lunch on-the-go, a bamboo utensil set is a must-have dorm item! Continue to be green even while on the go with Wholesome Culture’s ‘Bamboo utensils.’ Your bamboo knife, fork, and spoon come in a convenient and eco-friendly cloth bag! 

bamboo utensils are great for an eco-friendly dorm room

Bamboo hangers – $19.44

In addition to bamboo utensils, be sure to invest in a few bamboo hangers (like these ones from Honey-Can-Do). Your bamboo hangers will contribute to preserving the environment, as can your wardrobe! 

For the most environmentally-friendly closet, be sure to check out Wholesome Culture’s organic ‘Eco-Tees.’ 

bamboo hangers are great for an eco-friendly dorm room

Bamboo straws – $13.25

Get your on campus iced coffee fix without the waste by keeping a bamboo straw handy. Wholesome Culture’s ‘Be The Change – Bamboo Straws’ comes with a pouch, stainless steel cleaning brush, and two bamboo straws so you’ll never run out of reusable straws!

bamboo straws are a must for an eco-friendly dorm room

Eco-friendly candles – $18.00

Eleventh Candle Co.’s 100% soy wax, locally sourced and crafted candles are absolutely gorgeous – and each purchase supports their humanitarian efforts. Their “Grey Flannel 8oz candle” is the perfect warm, comforting scent for fall. 

Reusable tote bag (for when you actually go grocery shopping) – $17.75

Whether you are grocery shopping or transporting your textbooks, you are going to need a reusable tote bag. Our ‘Make Earth Day Every Day’ tote bag does the trick – plus, it’s a cute way to spread the word about helping the environment. 

Reusable tote bags are perfect for eco-friendly dorm rooms

Reusable coffee mug – $25

Let’s be real for a minute. Getting through the school year without caffeine is pretty much impossible. If you’re like us and your day doesn’t start without a cup of joe, then be sure to invest in a reusable coffee mug, like Wholesome Culture’s ‘Live Gently Upon This Earth – Coffee Mug.’ The best part is, it is 100 percent organic, BPA free, biodegradable, and even dishwasher safe!

Okay, so this one’s more than $20, so here’s a special back-to-school discount for $5 OFF! 

Enter code COLLEGECOFFEE5 at checkout. 

Reusable coffee mug

Greenery – $11

Why not brighten up your room with some plants? Having greenery can slightly improve the quality of the air and can help turn your dorm room into a greenhouse!

We love The Sill because you can order a plant online and have it delivered. Plus, they offer tons of tips and tricks on their site, making them a great resource for plant-newbies.

Check out their small Snake Plant. It’s perfect for beginners and only $11!


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