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Since our Wholesome Culture team works behind-the-scenes, we wanted to introduce you to some of our lovely team members (and their furry friends!) who bring our mission to spread kindness and sustainability to life.

While our small team works remotely year-round — everywhere from Florida to the Philippines —  we’re trying to stay virtually connected now more than ever during this time (hello, monthly team happy hours that happen anywhere from 8am to 8pm depending on the time zone!). But more than anything, we’re feeling so connected to everyone in this beautiful Wholesome community. Every positive comment, uplifting message, and tag of you in our Earth-loving designs makes us all feel closer together no matter our physical location.

Read on to get to know some of the faces & places that make up our tight-knit Wholesome Culture team, and see how we’re cultivating gratitude from our different corners of the world. 🌎

All the places our Wholesome Culture team is working from these days

Timea, Graphic Designer


Location: Vilnius, Lithuania 

I’m grateful for: Being able to work remotely all year long for a company whose goal is to bring more kindness and love through their designs which I get to help create. Truly blessed.

Fun fact: I’m pentalingual and speak French, English, Slovak, Russian, and Lithuanian!

Amy, Senior Graphic Designer

Amy’s workspace with her furry friend, Felicia

Location: Tallahassee, FL

A little bit about me: I enjoy learning about and dabbling in various types of arts and crafts; I have an obsession with thrifting; I dream of owning a small farm one day where I can attain my slow-living dreams and rescue animals!

I’m grateful for: Family, friends, and for the social media community around the world that is helping to inspire, comfort, and entertain us during this time.

Kris, Customer Experience Team Lead

Location: The Philippines normally, but I’m currently in lockdown in Tarlac City.

A little bit about me: It has been three years since I started working for Wholesome Culture and it is such an honor to be a part of an organization that promotes environmentally-friendly products.

I’m grateful for: As a mother of four children, I’m so grateful all of my loved ones are safe and healthy. I also share my blessings with my neighbors who had to stop working because of the disease.

Marika, Content Editor

Marika’s workspace with her succulent coworkers

Location: Los Angeles, CA 

I’m grateful for: Marathon phone calls with my sister, hugs from my husband, and books

Fun fact: I recently became an auntie (!!!), so I’m currently dreaming of the day when we get to eat ice cream and watch TV together past her bedtime… 😉

Shay, Customer Experience Assistant

Itty Bitt lounging on Shay's workspace
Itty Bitty lounging on Shay’s workspace

Location: Greenville, SC

I’m grateful for: I feel grateful and blessed to be a part of such a great team and mission! ️I love Wholesome Culture and all it stands for!

Katie Y,  Ambassador Program Coordinator

Katie’s favorite cozy workspace

Location: Pennsylvania, US

A little bit about me: I live in beautiful Pennsylvania with a wonderful husband of 13 years, wonderful kiddos – 12 and 10 years old and two kitties 15 years old. I am also a yoga and meditation instructor and I love sharing how to live a healthy lifestyle physically and emotionally. In my free time, I love to hike and be outside in nature in all seasons of the year. 

WFH Tip: My workspace changes throughout the day and I usually like to work from this yellow chair. Usually one or both of my cats will join me!

I’m grateful for: My healthy family and the opportunity to work remotely.

Fun fact: I used to compete professionally in Ballroom Dancing from age six to 13.  

Katie L, Operations Manager

Katie L’s workspace with her adorable Jack Russell, Abbey

Location: Surfside Beach, SC

A little bit about me: I have worked remotely for years, which allows me and my husband to travel and not really have a home to call our own until recently. So, I decided I wanted to set up my own “home office”. My 17-year-old Jack Russell had other ideas. I worked from my desk for maybe two days. She didn’t understand the idea of not being able to snuggle on a comfy sofa or bed next to me. I now have a desk for my bed and a supportive “bed chair” for my office.

Kirsten, Product Director

Kirsten with her dog, Remus

Location: Chicago, IL

A little bit about me: I have two dogs and two cats and would love to have many more animals. One of my dreams is to own a large amount of land so I can have all the animals. I’ve also worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years and have worked as a celebrity stylist in the country music industry. But it’s always been my dream and goal to work for a sustainable fashion brand, so working for WC beats any of the other jobs I’ve had in fashion.

WFH tip: Although I move around a lot and work from almost every spot in my house. I love having a change of space and place so I’m constantly moving about and changing where I sit to work. And secretly the dogs love it best if I sit on the couch to work because they can then snuggle with me. 

Kirsten’s furry friends, Daphne (left) and Remus (right

I’m grateful for: The ability to talk to my family daily and knowing that they are healthy and safe when I cannot visit them.

Fun facts: I’ve lived in 33 homes in my life and went to eight schools before graduating high school. And no my dad wasn’t in the military, we just moved a lot. I’m also a licensed tattoo artist, although I do permanent makeup, not artistic tattoos. OH, and I  also have dual citizenship with Germany and the U.S.

Want to learn more about what we’re up to at Wholesome culture? Check out our mission page!

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