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Summer is all about relaxing and enjoying the outdoors — and it’s even better if you don’t have to go far to escape to an open-air oasis. If you have access to an outdoor space (no matter how small!), now is the perfect time to transform it into your own personal paradise.

Here are 6 outdoor space ideas to inspire you this summer!

1. Create a cozy vibe with outdoor lighting

Outdoor string lights are perfect for brightening up dark outdoor spaces, with a charming aesthetic that’s reminiscent of your favorite wine bar.
outdoor space with string lights

There are so many outdoor lighting options out there, with tons of opportunities to go green. For example, LED lights are highly energy efficient, and solar lights are the perfect way to harness all of that summer sun to brighten your outdoor space at night.


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Outdoor candles also add a soft, romantic touch to any outdoor space. Look for non-toxic and vegan candles made with soy wax and essential oils to keep your space plant-based and eco-friendly.

2. Lounge it up

For an outdoor paradise, you need lots of places to lounge, relax, and kick up your feet! If you have trees or sturdy posts, you can get a portable hanging hammock to tie up in your yard and take with you on summer adventures.

If a hanging hammock won’t work for your space, look into a freestanding hammock or even a whimsical egg swing chair!

egg swing chair for backyard

3. Get some outdoor patio furniture for al fresco dining

If you want to create an outdoor space you’ll truly never leave, you’ll need a small dining area! Instead of buying new patio furniture, scour your local second-hand stores and Facebook Marketplace to find some previously loved treasures.

Check out this impressive patio furniture flip from an estate sale find:

4. Keep it shady with an outdoor umbrella

A high-quality outdoor umbrella provides excellent shelter from direct contact with harmful UV rays. Place your umbrella through the center of your patio dining table if you have one, or look for freestanding options that include their own support. You can even find some outdoor umbrellas with built-in solar LED lights!

freestanding outdoor umbrella

5. Prevent pests naturally

Mosquitoes in the summertime are no joke, but you don’t want to introduce harmful toxins and chemicals into the environment of your outdoor oasis. For an eco-friendly, organic mosquito control solution, try citronella or basil plants to deter the bugs. Burning citronella oil is a natural, organic way to deter mosquitoes as well! You can even apply it to your skin as an essential oil. Be sure to get rid of any standing water in your yard — this is literally a breeding ground for more mosquitoes.

6. Surround your outdoor space with plants

Even if your outdoor space is all concrete, you can still surround yourself with beautiful and energizing plants that thrive in the summer heat. If you don’t have a place to plant an in-ground garden bed, raised beds or container gardens are great alternatives! Fill flower boxes, large pots, hanging containers, or even a repurposed washtub or teapot with herbs, succulents, or colorful summer flowers.

recycled teapot used as container garden

We hope these outdoor space ideas leave you feeling inspired for cozy, laid back summer hangs. There’s nothing like stepping from right outside your door into your own personal outdoor haven.

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