How Our Wholesome Team Is Celebrating Halloween From Home
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Halloween is getting a homey twist this year! Trick or treating is swapped with craft projects and haunted house visits are replaced with baking nights. Sure, annual Halloween parties may be turned into zoom calls, but that’s no reason to skip out on the spooky activities. No way!

If you didn’t already know, our Wholesome Culture team is spread across the globe — from Montreal to Los Angeles — but we’re all taking time to treat ourselves in different ways, from watching scary movies to eating bags of vegan candy. So if you’re looking for some spooky inspiration to celebrate Halloween from home this year, we hope this post gives you a place to start.  PS, the common trend: Halloween movies! 🎃

All the ways our Wholesome team is celebrating Halloween from home this year

Amy, Senior Graphic Designer

Amy’s workspace with her furry friend

We’ll be going up to see my partner’s family and doing a social distance Halloween dinner with them. His family lives out on a farm with cows, so I will be bringing some Halloween apple treats to feed the cows,  as well as making some treat goodie bags for the boys. Then when we come home, we plan to watch the Addams Family movies for the umpteenth time while snacking on candy I will more than likely make my boyfriend buy on our ride home. 

Marika, Content Editor

I’ll be having a zoom dress-up brunch with my sister and niece —  and I’m going as Jane Goodall, which consists of a khaki skirt, button-up from Patagonia, and binoculars. Afterward, I’m going to a drive-in to see Hocus Pocus — even though I’ve already watched it twice this month. Can’t get enough of the Sanderson sisters!

I also made these witch legs with the help of this tutorial from Grillo Designs — and I plan on admiring them from the window as much as possible before I have to take them down!

DIY Witch Legs inspired by Grillo Designs

Timea, Graphic Designer

I’m making my own costume from paper and black clothing!  Also, we’re making some of the sweets from the recent Halloween baking blog.

And I’ll be creating illustrations to celebrate spooky season — like this one below!

Claudia, Social Media Coordinator

For me, I will probably buy vegan candies and have a horror movie night with my boyfriend.

KT, Operations Manager

My plan is to watch Halloween and wear matching Halloween PJ bottoms with my husband since we’ll be staying in and don’t anticipate any trick or treaters!

Katie Y, Ambassador Program Coordinator

Katie Y

We “Boo” our friends! We get buckets and fill them up with candy and gifts (books, accessories, stamps, soap, and sanitizer) and quietly drop them off at our friends’ doorsteps with a note – “You’ve been Boo’d.”

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