12 simple ways to make your Thanksgiving eco-friendly
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Overstuffed plates full of mishmash sides and sweet potato pies are a defining part of Thanksgiving. And hey, we love a good veggie casserole as much as the rest! 

But with so much food comes so much waste. 

In the U.S., six million turkeys ended up in the trash in 2016, according to Natural Resources Defense Council. That means, animals were not only harmed to be thrown away, but 100 billion gallons of water were also completely wasted (beyond heartbreaking). And studies show Americans toss 25 percent more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than any other time of the year. 

We can’t change everyone’s habits, but we can change our own! So, keep these tips in mind to celebrate the holiday with love — towards you, your family, and the planet. 

Follow these 12 tips to have a more eco-friendly Thanksgiving

Prepare plant-based dishes

Cook vegetables for an eco-friendly Thanksgiving meal

Simply swapping a few meat-dishes with plant-based meals can make a huge difference! Offer to make a yummy easy vegan Alfredo or bake vegan cinnamon rolls. Even if you’re the only vegan at the table, you can introduce some amazingly tasty dishes to your family and friends. 

Love local

Purchase local foods like apples for an eco-friendly Thanksgiving

By using more local produce to prepare dishes, you’ll not only support your local community, but you’ll also be helping the planet. 

Local food doesn’t require as much transportation, storage, and packaging as food from bigger chains. And it usually tastes a whole lot fresher than food from bigger markets. 

Skip plastic 

Say no to plastic and use the real deal — aka real plates, utensils, and glasses. Sure, you’ll have to wash more dishes that way, but turn up the holiday tunes and make it fun! The turtles will thank you. 

Bring nature inside your home

Instead of buying single-use decorations that you’ll use once and then throw away, embrace pinecones, acorns, and leaves as centerpieces and table settings. They look pretty and add an eco-friendly flair to any room. 

Looking for more eco-friendly decoration inspiration? Check out this post for our 12 favorite planet-friendly holiday decorations

Avoid making more food than you need 

Resist making enough food for 50 for a table set for five. Be honest with yourself about how much food is actually needed rather than making every dish that looks amazing on Pinterest. 

Use real napkins

Use cloth napkins at an eco-friendly Thanksgiving dinner

Investing in linen napkins is an easy way to show the planet you care. 

Tip: napkins in darker colors are better at hiding food stains! 

Remember reusable bags/produce bags

Wholesome Culture reusable tote bag

Chances are you’ll be going to the grocery store at some point (or many points) to get ready for Thanksgiving. Don’t forget your reusable bags like our “Small Acts Multiplied By Millions Can Transform This World” tote! 

Make it easy on yourself and put reusable bags in handy places like your trunk, purse pocket, or entryway hook. 

Store leftovers with love

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Clear glass containers are great investments for leftovers. You’ll be able to see what’s inside, which will make it less likely for food to get forgotten in your fridge. 

Also, don’t underestimate your freezer! Freezing food will extend the lifespan of dishes, so you can take a break from leftovers and still enjoy them later. 

Host a leftover party

vegan Thanksgiving desserts

Got lots of food sitting in your fridge? Throw a leftovers party! You’ll hang out with loved ones and relieve the landfills — everyone wins. 


Give Thanks

Start a new tradition and make a trip to a local homeless shelter or community organization the day after Thanksgiving. Google makes it SO easy to find places that will appreciate your leftovers. 

Take advantage of dishwashers

Rely on your dishwasher to do its job! The process of using hands to manually clean dishes uses much more water than dishwashers require. Of course, if you don’t have a dishwater —  things change. We recommend filling the sink with hot water and soap, and then scrubbing.

Minimize travel (in ways you can) 

Whether you’re traveling across the country or down the street, do what you can to minimize your holiday transportation. Maybe that means investing in a non-stop flight when you can or finding ways to carpool. Even little tweaks add up over time.

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