Have the most eco-friendly holiday ever with these 12 decorations
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Forget the tinsel! 

Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to come at the expense of Mother Earth 🌎. Between LED lights and pinecone wreaths, here are 12 ways to be mindful and merry this holiday season. 

12 earth-friendly holiday decorating tips

Be bright with LEDs

eco-friendly LED Christmas lights

Switch to LED lights whenever possible- — they’re more energy efficient and last longer than incandescent bulbs (win-win). Be even more eco-friendly and put your lights on timers, so they’re only turned on when you want them to be. 

Make a book tree

If you have lots of books in your home, let them shine during the holidays and make a book tree! You’ll save money, produce less waste, and give your books a fun, new purpose in your space. 

Upcycle your wreath

Let your everyday items inspire you to create something beautiful and festive. From wine cork wreaths to cookie cutter wreaths — there are tons of fun ways to show holiday cheer and make use of things you already have.  

Reuse your advent calendar 

eco-friendly holiday advent calendar

Instead of getting those throwaway advent calendars, invest in a countdown that you can use (and love) year after year. 

Be thrifty

Branch out to local thrift stores and antique shops instead of big chains. You’ll likely find gems for lower prices and give previously loved items a second life.

Be creative with ornaments

Recycled mason jar lids = adorable ornaments. Toilet paper rolls = owl ornaments (who knew toilet paper rolls could be so cute?!) 

Get crafty with a pallet tree

Next time you spot a shipping pallet in a neighbor’s yard or on the sidewalk discarded somewhere, grab it! Shipping pallets can make for amazingly creative and artsy Christmas trees.

Use edible decorations

Edible decorations like cookie ornaments, popcorn tinsel, and vegan gingerbread houses add tons of festive flair. Even better: they won’t cause waste, as long you have a house full of hungry appetites! 

Pick decorations you’ll use again

reuse Christmas decorations every year

Fall in love with your decorations so much that you look forward to using them every year. That way, you’ll save money buying new things every November and fill your home with treasured items that bring you joy. 

Light candles (and skip the chemical air fresheners)

Instead of using those chemically air fresheners that are supposed to smell like Christmas but really smell like the market cleaning aisle, light organic and natural candles like P.F. Co’s Spruce Candle or Homesick’s Holiday candle. 

Embrace pinecones and acorns

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Welcome nature in your home.  From acorn ornaments to pinecone elves, there are lots of crafty, quirky ways to make decorations with an earth-friendly twist.  

Think: less is more

Particularly during the holidays, the mantra “less is more” can be extremely grounding. With all of the shopping, parties, and the seemingly never-ending to-do lists, taking a moment to do a little less and relax a little more can be the kindest thing for you and the Earth.

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