Sustainable Spotlight: We're coco-nuts about this crazy cool way to save trees!
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We love coconuts. They taste great in smoothies and vegan cookies, they’re refreshing to sip, and they make our skin feel nice and smooth

But did you know coconut husks might help protect millions of trees, too? Seriously!

Say Hello to CocoPallet

CocoPallet — a company started by Dutch entrepreneur, Michiel Vos — is using recycled coconut husks to make shipping pallets — those flat skid structures used to transport goods. (One person’s coconut bra = another’s shipping pallet!)

Here’s where the tree-saving comes in: wood from trees is typically used to make the traditional pallet. And CocoPallet reports that millions of trees are cut down for this purpose. 

And while there are fun, decorative ways to repurpose pallets in your home, many single-use pallets can end up in landfills. Even with repairs, traditional pallets are estimated to have a maximum three-year life span. 

From waste to wonderful

By taking advantage of coconut husks to be gentler on the Earth, CocoPallet gives wasted coconut remains a second life. 

Instead of burning, landfilling, or letting husks rot — these coconut pallets represent how beautiful it can be to turn waste into something useful. 

Plus, the inventive alternative to wood provides additional revenue for coconut farmers and the material is biodegradable, water-resistant, pest-resistant, and durable. So many Mother Nature wins!

Keep up with CocoPallet’s mission and check out their Instagram: @CocoPallet

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