13 easy ways to keep your skin and hair feeling amazing all winter
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The combo of chapped lips, dry skin, and hair breakage can make for a brutal winter. 

With a few tweaks to your diet and daily routine, you can help keep your skin and mane smooth and glowing through even the chilliest of months. But as always, it’s best to talk to a dermatologist/doc before introducing anything new into (or onto) your body.

13 cruelty-free winter skin and hair care tips to get you through the cooler months 

Say yes to avocado

The beloved foodie favorite is loaded with healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, which are amazing for your locks and skin. Eat them however you like (topped on toast, mixed in salads, blended in smoothies) and reap the benefits. 

Want to boost your avo-love up a notch? Lather mashed avocado through your strands and on your skin with this 2 ingredient cruelty-free beauty recipe from Vegan Boho. 

Keep your showers cooler (and maybe shorter)

Even though long, hot showers may feel great in the moment, they can leave your hair and skin feeling super dry and irritated (yikes). Try shortening your showers and soaking in warm water instead of scalding hot —  you’ll be doing yourself a favor and the Earth by using less water. 

Dab on rosehip oil 

Wholesome Culture's organic natural rosehip oil for skin and hair

Want to brighten, hydrate, and moisturize your skin all at once? Check out our pure and organic Rosehip Oil. Plus, it can be used to decrease dark spots, acne marks, eczema, and rosacea. What’s not to love?

Drizzle on olive oil

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The fatty acids and vitamins in olive oil are not to be overlooked in the skin/hair department. If you have extra oil from whatever dish you’re whipping up, try applying a few drops of olive oil on your skin and scalp.  Massage. And soak up all that feel-good hydration.

Battling chapped lips? Try rubbing a teaspoon on your mouth. 

Embrace all things coconut

Like olive oil, coconut oil is known for its hydrating, nourishing benefits. So if you have an itchy, dry scalp, coconut oil may just do the trick.  It can be used in a DIY hair mask, facial scrub, lip balm, and even a shaving cream. (But, if you have acne-prone skin, you may want to exercise extra-caution.) Also, coconut oil is super handy in the kitchen for baking recipes and smoothie creations.

Drinking coconut water and coconut milk are two other easy plant-based ways to incorporate more coconuts into your life. 

Eat more sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes for winter skin and hair care

If you need an excuse to nosh on more sweet potatoes, this is it. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, a dynamic duo for glowing skin — especially useful in the chilly, wintry months. 

Snack on nuts and chia seeds

chia seeds for winter skin and hair care

Your skin will thank you if you snack on chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, and cashews. They’re packed with omega-3s, healthy fats, and so many vitamins that will keep you radiant all winter long. 

Remember your water-rich greens

cucumbers for winter skin and hair care

Eating more water-rich greens like celery, cucumbers, and lettuce is an easy way to hydrate your entire body while also getting in your greens for the day. 

Love your body lotion

As temperatures drop, it’s essential to find a body lotion that makes you excited to lather up in the morning and evenings. That way it’ll feel more like a habit than a chore.

Try Lush’s Dream Cream, which is made with oats, lavender, and cocoa butter. Or consider making your own lotion concoction, DIY style. 

Drink lots of water and herbal tea

tea is good for winter skin and hair care

You’ve likely heard this a million times, but water is such a no-brainer, easy, and super important way to hydrate your entire body. Often, H20 becomes somewhat of an afterthought in the winter compared to the summer… but that doesn’t mean it’s less necessary. 

But if you want to warm up, brewing a warm cup of tea will give you hydration with all the cozy vibes. 

Indulge in (vegan) dark chocolate 

Get your dose of vitamin D and satisfy your sweet tooth with a piece of dark chocolate. Win, win! 

We recommend trying the 5 best vegan chocolate bars!

Don’t forget about SPF 

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While the sun may be hiding, that doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need protection. Remember to moisturize your face and keep it safe from UV rays that can still be damaging even if you’re not basking in the sunshine. 

Don’t skimp on conditioner (but consider easing up on shampoo)

Show love to your locks by lathering up your hair with lots of moisturizing conditioner. While shampoo is often drying, conditioner is just the opposite. We are loving HiBar’s solid moisturize conditioner, because it’s plastic-free and contains coconut oil and rice protein for ultra hydration. 

Get a trim

Monthly-ish trims can help you avoid hair breakage and split ends, which happens year round but can be especially damaging in the winter months. 

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