You'll love these 9 food favorites even more when you taste the vegan version
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The idea of saying “goodbye” to specific food items — whether it’s eggs or ice cream — is a real apprehension for lots of people who want to make the switch to a plant-based diet but can’t quite commit. 

We get it. But it’s a whole lot easier to let go of something you love when there’s a vegan alternative that’s just as good (if not better) waiting to be discovered! 

And lucky for us, it has truly never been easier to eat everyday food favorites that just so happen to also be vegan. 

Here’s a list of some foodie faves that can be made plant-based!

9 yummy vegan versions of your fave foods


Vegan sushi isn’t just colorful and creative, but it’s also hearty and loaded with flavor.  And if you’re thinking cucumber rolls are the only option for vegan sushi, we’re happy to say that you’re wrong. Say hello to vegan spicy tuna rolls, vegan sushi burritos, and roasted sweet potato sushi


Check out this homemade vegan chicken made with seitan from Loving It Vegan. Not in the mood to make it yourself? Try Gardein’s tenders or chick’n sliders.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Yes, avocado toast is delicious, but there’s so much more to explore when it comes to breakfast sammies! From this Vegan Lox Bagel Sandwich  to this Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Sandwich, you’ll be excited to fill up when you wake up. 


There once was a time when delicious, dairy-free cheese was hard to come by. But that time is not here anymore! Every kind of cheese you could ask for has a plant-based alternative like provolone slices from Chao, parmesan from Follow Your Heart, and cream cheese from Kite Hill, along with so many others. 

Ice Cream

Having a sweet tooth and eating vegan go together like bananas and almond milk (literally). All sorts of vegan nice creams are out there waiting for you like Hakuna Banana, Nada Moo, and So Delicious. If you want to make your own, check out our fave Mixed Berry Nice Cream recipe.

Whip Cream

The creamy, sweet topping ideal for milkshakes and hot cocoa (and so many other things) is also available in vegan options! Reddi Whip has two vegan whip creams — non-dairy almond and non-dairy coconut (yum and yum). 


We can’t make this list without mentioning all of the amazing advancements with plant-based burgers like Beyond and Impossible. They’re everywhere from Burger King to Veggie Grill. And they’re fun to make at home! We love this ultimate veggie burger recipe


VeganEgg from Follow Your Heart has changed the vegan egg game for the better. The taste and texture is familiar, but even tastier! Perfect for baking or just whipping up some scrambled eggs in the morning– or night. Breakfast for dinner, anyone?


The ultimate holiday drink even comes in vegan options! Califia makes a delectable almond milk nog and this vegan nog recipe only has six ingredients (including water!) if you want to put some personal love into your festive treat. 

Want more delicious, plant-based recipes? We have your back and your belly.

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