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Eating omega-3s is like giving your body a big hug. They’re fatty acids that help keep our hearts happy, our bodies fueled, and they may even improve our mental health.  While seafood is most known for providing those healthy fats, you don’t have to prepare salmon to get omega 3s on your plate.

From brussels sprouts to chia seeds, there are plenty of options to get omega-3s in your life — that also taste delicious! 

Chia, hemp, and flax seeds

Sprinkle one ounce of chia, flax, or hemp seeds in a smoothie or bowl of oatmeal, and you’re good to go. They’re also packed with fiber, iron, and antioxidants, and give everything a satisfying crunch.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts contain omega-3s

Brussels sprouts are loaded with good-for-you nutrients, including omega-3s. But make sure to roast, steam, or stir fry them. Cooked Brussels contain triple the omega-3s compared to raw Brussels.


Walnuts are such a lovable nut for so many reasons, but especially because they’re a wonderful source of omega-3s (and fiber!).  So next time you’re craving a snack, grab a handful of walnuts and feel good knowing you’re filling your belly with healthy fuel.  

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walnuts contain omega-3s


Thanks to the soybeans that make up tempeh, the plant-based protein is also a great way to get omega-3s. Plus, we love any excuse to eat our favorite BLT Sandwich with Tempeh Bacon. Just be mindful of your portions because tempeh also has omega-6s, which in excess can lead to inflammation.

Algae-based supplements

If you’re concerned about your omega-3 intake on a plant-based diet, you may want to look into supplements made from algae oil. But everybody is different, so be sure to talk to a health care provider first.

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