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We love a good binge-watching session, so we rounded up a list of must-see documentaries and movies about the environment, veganism, and consumerism. Go ahead and curl up on the couch with some vegan movie night snacks and watch one (or two) of these inspiring films.

1. Dominion

In this new eye-opening feature-length documentary, director Chris Delforce exposes the darkest side of the modern-day agriculture industry. Through the use of hidden handheld cameras and drones, “Dominion” reveals the ways animals are exploited and abused in the meat, egg, dairy, clothing and entertainment industries. The movie is a sequel to Lucent (2014) – a shocking account of Australia’s pig farming industry. The footage is quite uncompromising – so best to have a friend by your side.

2. The True Cost

“The True Cost” is a ground-breaking documentary about the true cost of fast, cheap fashion. Described in the New York Times as “a portrait of exploitation”, the film reveals that fashion bargains have a much higher cost than we think. People who produce cheap clothing items have to endure extreme poverty and unimaginable working conditions, which have also led to death in some circumstances. “The True Cost” dares to look directly at these issues – and truly makes one think.

3. Plastic China

Watch the official Plastic China trailer.

China is the world’s biggest plastic waste importer, receiving ten million tons of plastic per year. These piles of plastic end up in plastic workshops, where they’re “recycled” into raw materials, and exported back to where they came from in a new form. Through the story of an 11-year-old Chinese girl whose whole family live and work in a plastic waste recycling workshop, “Plastic China” tells the shocking truth about global plastic consumption, its impact on people’s lives and the environment. You’ll never look at plastic the same way again.

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