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This year we’re celebrating an extended Earth Day in a BIG way by going “off the grid” with our incredible partners at Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary.  Read on to learn more about Sale Ranch and how our amazing WC community helped the nonprofit make an important purchase. Plus, we’re excited to share our special Earth Day campaign — because good news is exactly what we’re looking for right now! 

Jen Sale, the founder of Sale Ranch Sanctuary, in her “Be A Nice Human” Wholesome Culture Tank

Have you ever dreamed of starting an animal rescue farm? For us, just one look at the gentle eyes of horses and the adorable ears of pigs, and we’re mentally sketching layouts of barnyards and stables. Well, Jen Sale and her husband Dave Sale are proof that with a lot of hard work… it’s possible!

How Sale Ranch helps animals “off the grid”

In 2013, passionate animal lovers, Jen and Dave, opened Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit that gives a loving home to farm animals discarded by the dairy industry. They also provide refuge and hospice to senior horses and animals with special needs. But more than anything, they treat all animals like the individuals that they are. 

Not only does the nonprofit rescue all kinds of farm animals — from sheep and goats to horses and pigs — but they also operate all 10-acres of the sanctuary off of power from the sun. And thanks to their battery house that stores extra sunlight, they can still operate the ranch on solar power into the night. Pretty amazing!

Plus, they compost to supplement their gardens, which helps feed their animal residents (check out how they compost on the sanctuary, here).

How our donation made a difference 

We’re so moved by Sale Ranch and everything that they’re doing to help animals + be as gentle on the earth as possible. So, with the help of our amazing WC community — we donated enough money to help Sale Ranch purchase a new tractor! And this tractor is essential to their operation. It helps move feed and manure, and assists with medical care. In particular, they needed the tractor to care for their three blind animals: a cow named Hope, a dog named Duke, and a horse named Ray Charles. 😭

Also, the sanctuary is located in Southern California, where droughts are common and sudden rain storms can cause parched soil to erode dramatically. This creates dangerous conditions that could cause farm animals (especially those that can’t see) to lose their footing and get seriously injured.

Before they purchased the tractor, the Sale Ranch team was forced to manually level the earth by hand — using shovels. We’re so glad they can save their energy for loving and caring for the animals now! P.S. Watch this video to see what goes into feeding the animals

Celebrate Sale Ranch Sanctuary & Earth Day with us!

We know Earth Day is looking a lot different for all of us this year. But we still wanted to find a fun way to give back and celebrate the Earth, while staying inside. That’s why we decided to do a special campaign with Sale Ranch in honor of Mother Earth! 

From April 22-26, 2020, when you use code OFFTHEGRID, you’ll get 10% off the Earth Day Collection and we’ll donate 10% of profits to our animal rescue partner Sale Ranch. And while we’re at it, we’ll donate 5% of all other products to Sale Ranch, if something else is catching your eye!

People for the Planet tee from Wholesome Culture
NEW for Earth Day — “People for the Planet” tee from Wholesome Culture


Check out the Earth Day Collection: 

To learn more about Sale Ranch’s amazing work and inspiring animals, check out our other blog post. Seriously, we could write about them all day long! And watch this video below to get a glimpse at a day in the life at Sale Ranch (go to 1:45  and 2:39 to see unbelievable adorableness!).

And if you want to learn more about our mission and giving back program, here are some reads we think you’ll like!

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