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When we heard we had to stop using our reusable bags due to the coronavirus pandemic, it took us a moment to adjust. Our first thought was, oh no what are we going to do with all those landfilling, single-use plastic bags?! But then we paused, took a step back, and remembered there are sooooo many ways to continue to help the planet (beyond our reusable bags) from home. 

And when we take a moment to zoom out, it’s clear that by staying home, we’re not only helping each other and ourselves, we’re also doing so much good for the planet. Greenhouse gas emissions are down, air quality is cleaner, and some animals are thriving. So be gentle with yourself as we all slow down and navigate these new lifestyles during this unprecedented time. 

9 Real ways you can continue to help the planet even from home

1. Conserve water with daily habits

The more time we spend at home, the more we should be paying attention to our water-using habits. That means: speeding up showers, using dishwashers/washing machines on only full loads, and avoiding letting water run needlessly when shaving or brushing teeth. And especially since we’re being extra diligent about our hand-washing, which is SUPER important, be mindful to turn the tap off when you’re scrubbing for 20 seconds.

Help planet from home: saving water

Check out this other post for more ways to save water every day.

2. Use eco-friendly cleaning products 

Going on lots of cleaning sprees in your home? Same. Unfortunately, many household cleaners are filled with toxic ingredients and create unnecessary single-use waste. To keep your place clean and green, consider using vinegar and baking soda — they’re non-toxic and probably already in your pantry. (Plus, read this post for everything you need to know about eco-friendly cleaning.)

Other ways to clean the planet friendly way include:

3. Be mindful of your food waste

We’re cherishing every banana and jug of almond milk right now, so we’re being diligent to make sure we eat the food that we purchase.

help planet from home: food waste

For us, wasting less food is a lot easier with a decluttered fridge. Tip: try putting the oldest food in the front of the fridge to remind yourself to eat it before it goes bad. We also freeze food to extend its lifespan, take advantage of our food containers, and get creative with our dishes (like throwing every veggie we’ve got into buddha bowls!).

4. Meal plan

Another way to waste less food, help the planet, and save money is: meal planning

Help planet from home: Meal planningOne of our favorite ways to meal prep is by cooking freezer-friendly meals. And usually meals last about a month in the freezer, so you don’t have to feel pressured to eat anything right away. We’re also big fans of using mason jars and glass storage containers, but anything that’s leak-proof is usually a safe bet! 

5. Shop ethically

We don’t know about you, but we’re craving all the comfy clothes right now. Cozy tees, soft sweats, and cute crews are pretty much all we feel like putting on in the morning. So, if you’re looking to expand your “stay at home” wardrobe, might we suggest our Less Fear More Love Tee Eco Tee

Less Fear More Love Eco Tee

And we’re always enthusiasts of supporting local businesses, whether that’s buying a gift card to your local coffee shop or fave neighborhood boutique, or grabbing takeout or delivery from your fave plant-based restaurant

6. Cook plant-based meals

If you want to help Mother Earth from your home, eating a more plant-based diet is an efficient (and tasty!) way to do it. Studies show that someone following a plant-based diet uses five times less water than someone with a more meat-based diet. And of course, refraining from eating meat means you’ll help save the lives of animals across the world. 

Wholesome Culture vegan cookbook

Get all the plant-based inspiration with The Wholesome Culture Cookbook, which is full of 80+ nourishing dishes. And check out these posts for some of our favorite plant-based recipes (spoiler alert: there’s SO much yummy, cruelty-free goodness awaiting you!).

7. Recycle & compost

Disposing of trash properly is something we can all do from home! And if you want to really cut back on your landfilling, composting is an amazing way to give waste a newfound purpose. 

8. Stay educated on environmental issues

Binge-watching a lot recently? Us too. But we’ve been trying to use this time to catch up on some environmental documentaries we’ve been wanting to watch like Night on Earth, Our Planet, Chasing Coral, Jane, and Hostile Planet. 

But if you’re more of a podcast lover, here are some of our favorite sustainable-minded podcasts. And check out our list of must-read eco-conscious books. Happy reading!

9. Do eco-friendly projects

Helping planet from home: crochet

There are so many ways to embrace your crafty side while doing good for the planet! From building a DIY bird house, to making a DIY vegan face mask, to growing your own herbs, your home can be transformed into a hub of eco-friendly creativity!

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