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Every year on April 22, we take a moment to put down our phones and put on our comfiest shoes because it’s Earth Day! For us, it’s the perfect day to pay extra attention to the things we take for granted like wind in our hair, sun rays shining through windows, and the sparkle of stars. Luckily there are still so many ways to nourish our nature-loving souls on Earth Day – and all days. From starting an herb garden to taking a nap outside — here are 25  fun and simple ways to connect with Mother Earth and celebrate Earth Day.

25 simple ways to celebrate Earth Day – always 

1. Start an herb garden

2. Read nature books — we recommend “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Robin Wall Kimmerer

3. Revisit your bucket list (challenge: circle/highlight all the things you want to do that involve the outdoors)

4. Become a plant parent

5. Join the nature webcams party

6. Take outdoor-inspired online courses like this one from Leave No Trace

7. Listen to Earth-oriented podcasts

8. Go on a bike ride, if it’s safe (and be sure to practice social distancing!)

9. Take a nap outside

10. Pitch a tent in your backyard.. or go camping!

11. Go birdwatching

12. Wake up extra early to appreciate the sunrise

13. Embrace your inner child and spot shapes in the clouds

14. Doodle or paint a landscape portrait

15. Plant a tree

16. Learn the names of trees and flowers

Mother Earth Trees

17. Let the wind tangle your hair

18. Just look out a window for at least 5 whole minutes — or more!

19. Do some nature journaling

20. Hike (again, only if it’s safe, and remember your masks!)

21. Watch nature documentaries

22. Try regrowing your lettuce or celery

indoor garden from food scraps

23. Go barefoot

24. Study the phases of the moon

25. Stargaze!

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